Devil Rays @ White Sox, ppd.
Edwin Jackson was pushed back a few days in the rotation and given an extra bullpen session. The extra session was designed to work on a slight mechanical flaw in Jackson’s motion. After the long layoff Jackson had his best performance of the season. Turns out the mechanical flaw that was allowing so many runs was not enough rain on days that he starts. Who knew?


It was time for the Rays to slowly get away from Elijah Dukes even before the screaming revelations of marital bliss by way of alleged death threats…He is a bad scene waiting to happen…He is a runaway train in need of a switchyard…Get him out of here.



  1. Jacob says:

    Doesn't Fennelly have something better to do?

    The Yankees must be doing something interesting nowadays...hahaha

  2. The Professor says:

    i would never admit this in public but one of my great desires for the success of the Rays is that Fennelly might actually believe there is a hometown team...

  3. Jacob says:

    I'm awaiting this hangover headline...

    "The Hangover: Edwin Jackson turns into K machine despite Crawford hitting him in the head"


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