Steve PearceSteve Pearce has been traded to the Orioles for minor league catcher Jonah Heim.

Jeff Passan was the first to report that Pearce had been traded. Ken Rosenthal was first to report that Pearce was going to the Orioles and that Heim was the player in return.

Heim was a fourth-round pick out of high school in the 2013 draft. In 88 games at high-A this season, he was hitting .216 with a .300 OBP and 7 home runs.

According to Eduardo Encina, Heim is a defense-first catcher. The Orioles “loved what Heim could do behind the plate,” and that his “bat began to pick up too.”

Pearce is returning to the team he played with for three seasons prior to signing with the Rays as a free agent.



  1. Brent says:

    When are we going to get a really good catcher? Package a deal if need be!

  2. Ken H says:

    Let's surmise the trades made by Matt "tarnished" Silverman today: the Rays traded their 2nd best hitter and great clubhouse guy, a competent reserve outfielder and QUALITY LF pitcher, 2 of the 3 with team control for a 25 year old, 18th round draft pick infielder with no pop and 1.5 years of MLB experience and 5 Milb players, none of whom are playing above A ball. Wow, what a deal(s).

  3. Dave L says:

    Well you can't complain about this trade.

    Pearce we got by giving up zero assets, we are one of the bottom 6 at best worst teams in MLB with no hope for 2016.

    So we trade him back to the team that let him go for a guy that can become the range of warm body, to good defensive catcher to help the farm system. If that happens its a good move.

    if he ever actually contributes to the big league club its a fabulous move

    • Ken H says:

      The Rays mantra: If...if we had insisted on Susac instead of a very redundant Duffy today would have seemed better. Agreed on Pearce though...get what you can. Guyer? What was the point? Opening up a spot for Jennings? C'mon man.

      • J 2.0 says:

        The Pearce trade I get. And I get the Guyer trade. Guyer was about to be paid $2-4 million next year for a guy who hits .245 and might hit 10 HR. So we go a minor leaguer with a similar ceiling in return. Ok.

        But give me a break with the Moore trade. I didn't even like it when it was first reported that we were getting Chris Shaw. Then we aren't even getting him?!?!?!? Duffy is the prize in this deal?

        I am at a loss for words. When I look at what everyone got back in return on they're deals I was thinking "ok the Rays will either sit on their players or get a big haul" The Rangers got a whole lot better yesterday. The Giants got a whole lot better for the next few years. The Rays will be in the basement for the foreseeable future.

  4. doug says:

    Pierce is one who can be resigned for next year on another one yr. contract...He is going back to a team in contention and will likely play in the playoffs so he won't have a beef there, but he probably won't be resigned by Baltimore, and so if needed he could come back here...I like Pierce but I get it...


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