Chris Archer

At this point it is no surprise that teams are calling the Rays to ask about trading for one of their many starting pitchers. It is also not surprising that some of the same teams have asked about Chris Archer.

After all, like your parents said, you never know if you don’t ask.

Have any of the offers for Archer been tempting yet? Well, it seems those offers have done nothing but make the Rays laugh.

Let’s check in with Rays consigliere Ken Rosenthal.


Even though Archer has struggled this season, there are very few players in MLB who are more valuable than Archer, in terms of talent mixed with cost.

Archer still has five years left on his contract for a total of $38.5 million, an average of less than $8 million per year. You know what kind of pitcher you can get for that kind of contract in the free agent market? Reliever Darren O’Day.

There were some concerns about Archer’s health early in the season. That turned out to be a false alarm.

As we have discussed before, I think we are going to hear after the season that Archer just spread himself too thin with other things this past offseason. It was his first offseason as a true “star.” Everywhere you looked, Archer was off doing another gig or endorsement or some MLB ambassador mission.

Big Tree has a world of talent and he probably got just a tad too comfortable relying on that talent and may not have worked as hard this past winter as his usually does.

Again, this is just speculation and not a knock on Archer. It happens to a lot of great players. The problem is, it usually takes until after the season to really look back and understand what went wrong. At that point, it would be up to Archer to adjust and get back to work and minimize the distractions.


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  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    I have to laugh at these fans of large market teams that never understand why small market teams that fall out of the race don't trade every asset they have before the trade deadline each year for a bag of peanuts. They actually get angry that teams out of the race won't trade their players to help the big money teams. When it make sense, the Rays should make the moves but short of a team backing up a Brinks truck full of can't-miss prospects, why should the Rays blow up their roster every year? The players they should be trading are the ones are short term free-agent contracts that likely won't be here by the time the Rays can compete again a la Morrison, Pearce, Conger, etc.


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