The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 3, Dodgers 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Matt Moore had another solid outing, holding the Dodgers to just 1 unearned run in 6.2 innings. He struck out 5, but walked 4. In his last 6 starts Moore has a 1.99 ERA and the Rays have won 4 of the games. Of course, it also helps when Logan Morrison is making plays like this.

THE BAD: If there is something to worry about with Matt Moore, it is that he has just 25 strikeouts with 14 walks during that 6-game stretch in which he has pitched well. That’s not a good ratio. Typically you want a pitcher to be above 2:1 and you really want 3:1. But Moore is at 1.8:1 over his last 6 starts. It doesn’t seem like Moore is ever going to be a big strikeout guy again, so he needs to get the walk totals down.

THE TELLING: Evan Longoria hit his 23rd home run, his first at Dodger Stadium…The Rays won their first game ever at Dodger Stadium. They are now 1-5 at Dodger Stadium…Alex Cobb is expected to restart his rehab assignment on FridayBrad Boxberger is expected to rejoin the Rays on Friday and Desmond Jennings could be back next week.


  • Kevin Cash had the understatement of the day: “”We’re not good enough right now.” []
  • Joel Sherman says Steve Pearce is “very likely” to be traded in the next 4 days. [Twitter]
  • Jayson Stark speculates that the Chicago Cubs will try to trade for a Rays starting pitcher. [Twitter]
  • “No, the Tigers are not trading for Chris Archer.” [Bless You Boys]
  • This is an ugly chart for the Rays. [BI Sports]
  • In other news, water is wet. [MLBTR]

Todd Kalas caught up with David DeJesus.





  1. Gus says:

    When they fire Cash (which seems inevitable to me -- he's adding nothing and has done less with more than anybody in the majors), maybe David Dejesus is on the next staff? They've been smitten by him for years as a player and he'd be a good pairing with an older Maddon-type manager.

    I'd give the keys to Hickey and reshuffle the deck that way maybe.

    Finally, why are we getting so much of the Stephen Souza Jr. Experience at this point? His at bats are painful. To watch Souza and Dickerson try to manage the corner OF spots is like watching a blind lady in high heels play the positions. Leave Guyer in one spot and rotate those guys with Des when he comes back and try to get some production out of the other corner spot.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      I think I would talk to Hickey and see if he wants it. I'd rather make him manager than lose him. If he is happy where he is, I'd be on the phone to Davey Martinez. The Cash experiment was a bust and his biggest failure seems to be when to use the bullpen.

  2. Rob says:

    The Rays have too many players of the same ilk - that is, hitters with moderate power and lots of Ks to go along with shaky D. They need to trade/release at least two of the following: Miller, Dickerson, Souza, Morrison, Pearce, Jennings, and Guyer. I know it takes two to tango and all that jazz, but this is fan fantasy, so here's the strategy I'd try to employ:

    1. Trade Moore for Profar if the Rangers will dance
    2. Extend Pearce on a 2-year deal with Moore's salary to DH
    3. Put Miller in left and Profar at SS until Adames is ready
    4. Trade Morrison and Dickerson for some middle relief
    5. Gillaspie seems to be holding his own in Durham. Bring him up in Sept and give him a shot in spring training to win the job against whatever scrub we decide to bring in again to play 1B in 2017.
    6. When Forsythe's contract expires, move Profar to 2B and slot Adames at short.
    7. When Profar's contract is about to expire, trade him for prospects and give Robertson a shot.
    8. When you just have to finally let Souza go, bring up Bauers to take his place.

    So, next year, your starting lineup looks like this:

    1. Kevin K - CF
    2. Logan F - 2B
    3. Evan L - 3B
    4. Steve P - DH
    5. Brad M - LF
    6. Steve S - RF
    7. Casey G - 1B
    8. Luke M - C
    9. Jurikson P - SS

    Bench - Guyer or Mahtook - OF (R), Beckham - IF (R), Franklin - IF (S), Casali - C (R)

    1. Archer
    2. Cobb
    3. Snell
    4. Odorizzi
    5. Smyly

    Bullpen - only must-have is keeping Colome the closer and making sure you hold onto Ramirez, who might have to replace Smyly or Cobb at some point. If Boxy comes back strong, it's an unexpected bonus, but he is the set-up guy and isn't getting the closer job from Colome.

    I think Miller's bat is legit. Dickerson has one approach at the plate and it doesn't look like it will ever improve. Forsythe is the epitome of a number 2 hitter. He has to hit there every day. KK needs to get some coaching to be more disciplined at the plate to raise his OBP. He should approach his ABs like a Brett Butler type. Maile passes the eye test for me - the ball screams off his bat and he seems to be more of an athletic type. He moves around behind the plate and isn't a detriment on the base paths.

  3. Dave L says:

    Assumption #1 - the rays won't sniff .500 next year

    Assumption #2 Forsythe and Moore will be gone after next year

    They are the only 2 significant players the Rays will definitely trade before next spring.

    Forsythes is at an all time high due to the quality of his play. Moore as well.

    What will we get for Pierce? not much

    You dont trade Odo or Smyly unless you think they are Helli reduxx and going down and they arent.. Too much cheap control left

    Trading Archer is so silly its laughable. I dont care how many K's he has he can and has pitched so much better. Its selling low to the nth power and idiotic.


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