Chris ArcherLast time we checked in on Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports he was teasing a potential Evan Longoria-to-the-Dodgers trade rumor only to later admit that sources said it wouldn’t happen, but maybe it will happen later on. Also, maybe it won’t, who knows.

Let’s fast-forward a few days and now the Rays are about to play a 2-game series in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. This is certainly interesting because Chris Archer will pitch the first game and Matt Moore will pitch the second, two of the pitchers the Dodgers have reportedly been interested in.

Morosi sees 2+2 and gets … oh come on, Jon.

First of all, this would be so out of the norm for the Rays that it is tough to get my mind around the possibility. The Rays simply do not alter their own game plan for something like this.

This also presumes a couple of things that are probably not true.

The first is that the Rays would prefer to trade Archer and Moore, over somebody like Jake Odorizzi. Would the Rays trade Archer? Sure, we have discussed that. But the package would have to be monumental and no team — especially one run by Andrew Friedman — is going to trade an entire farm system for one player based on his performance in one game.

Morosi also seems to have this weird presumption that the Dodgers don’t have the means to travel and scout Archer in other locations. I’m guessing Dodgers scouts are allowed to fly on planes.

This doesn’t mean a big start by Archer can’t have an impact. If he goes out and tosses a 2-hit shutout in front of the Dodgers fans, there may be some added pressure to trade for him. But that would have to come from the ownership because, again, when has Friedman ever pulled the trigger on something simply because the fans demanded it?

Hint: it has never happened.


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  1. Rob says:

    Are there different guidelines on reporting when using something like Twitter? Seems like these "journalists" just throw stuff out on social media with no more supporting evidence than the average fan would have when posting a comment on a blog.


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