The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Blue Jays 5, RAYS 3 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Chris Archer settled down. After a shaky start, Big Tree settled down. He ended up giving up 3 runs (2 earned). But after the Jays scored 2 in the first, Archer faced 19 batters over 4.2 innings, striking out 12 and giving up just 3 hits and a walk…Some much-needed pop. It didn’t come until the 9th inning and it came with the bases empty, but it was nice to see Corey Dickerson go deep (see below). There have been some questions about how he will adapt to life outside of Coors Field and inside of The Trop, a pitcher-friendly park…Showing some fire. On a routine fly out in the 6th inning, Marcus Stroman said something while looking in the direction of Logan Morrison as he was jogging back to the dugout. Stroman has a reputation for being emotional on the mound and according to ESPN’s Eduardo Perez, Morrison has a reputation for taking “every little thing personally.” This led to a moment where it looked like the benches were going to empty. Interestingly, it was Tim Beckham who came out first, holding his hands out and gesturing towards Stroman while he yelled over and over, “I’m not talking to you.” Nothing happened, but it also looked like something Morrison was filing away for later.

THE BAD: Chris Archer’s start. Before the Rays had even batted and before Archer had recorded 2 outs on the mound, the Blue Jays had scored 2 runs. A visit from Jim Hickey seemed to settle things down a bit, striking out the final 2 batters of the first inning on just 7 pitches…Kevin Kiermaier rally killer. With 2 outs in the 4th inning, Hank Conger drew a walk. On the pitch, Kiermaier was thrown out trying to steal third base, ending the inning with OBP-machine Logan Forsythe due up…A little too aggressive. In the first 8 innings, the Rays sent 30 players to the plate. Of those a whopping HALF ended on either the first or second pitch. That allowed Stroman to work into the 9th inning having allowed just 1 run.

THE TELLING: James Loney was released prior to the game, as expected.





  1. Josh says:

    I know this is only one game, but three things worry me:

    1) As you mentioned with the aggressive hitting approach, I get that the first pitch in at bat is often the best pitch. However, when it's just a regular strike it leads to a LOT of first pitch outs (as it did today). Easy outs also allow a pitcher to really get into a rhythm, which is what happened today too. Not good for an offense that struggles to score runs.
    2) We saw the defensive/ offensive trade backfire, as I fear we might quite often. Also, can someone explain to me the hype in Logan Morrison? Sure JLo didn't provide much by means of power, but he was a .280 hitter and a good defender. We will be lucky to get .260 and 15 HR out of LoMo.
    3) With our dependcy on relief pitchers to pitch more than once inning, we are leaving ourselves much more succeptable to them struggling. Webb cruised for one inning but they had figured him out by his second inning (and it won't be long before this concept prohibits them from pitching in consecutive games).

    • Drew says:

      Loney has not been a good defender for at least the past two seasons. It also does not matter if you are a .280 hitter if you cannot hit for any power or do anything positive on the bases.

      • Portsomerdale says:

        I disagree Loney has been a awesome defender for us. Had he been at first yesterday we could have expected him to record three outs that Morrison left on the field.

        I'm willing to let this thing play out. But Logan better be ready to carry us with his bat if he is going to give us more value the James did.

  2. Dave L says:

    What a weird opening day.

    Archer was missing high all day while we had an Ump that called everythng in the shin area above the ankle in or out a strike. Strolman took advantage of it and comanded the bottom of the zone. The Rays hitters did surprisingly well at defending the lower zone. Most of the quick swing ball in play outs would have been called a strike anyway, so what choice did they have?

    Morrison was hardly a legitimate agent of outrage after being a human sieve at first. The Jays didnt bludgeon us with power as usual they small balled us to a 3 run lead and all of the early runs passed through the overmatched LoMo. Damn I hope his reflexes are better than a seriously degraded Loney would have been in 2016, but so far not good. hell its one game. I'll give him a pass but step up your overall game first then take a stand Logan.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh

    • Portsomerdale says:

      Well I saw that when Archer hit the bottom of the zone he was not getting the calls. After he settled down he started getting the low strikes.

      Can't expect the ump to give you strikes when your changing the line of site by 3-4 feet.

      Stolman did command the strike zone nicely. It was frustrating that our batters couldn't get any lift with the bat......but to Stolmans credit, the sink on his two seamer was crisp and just enough.

  3. Political_Man says:

    Just to echo the comments... Morrison is obviously not a great defender but wow was he bad out there. If this is how he produces with the glove we are in big trouble. Here's hoping this was just opening day jitters.

  4. Portsomerdale says:

    That was bad baseball....just bad. Their 1st was setup by a walk and a wild pitch.........Giving up cheap runs is the easier way to lose in this league.

    Logan Morrison had two glaring errors and couldn't get his glove on another screamer. When your infielder has an awful game like that it will most offer b a LOSS.

    Kiermiaer ran into an out that was a brutal rally killer. That was a really dumb way to hand all the momentum right back to the Blue Jay's.

    This team has to play better baseball everyday if they wanna think about having a shot this year. I expect better.

    There was a lot of good yesterday but I'll just mention Hank Konger. That run in the 3rd had just as much to do with Hank as it did with Evan Longoria. He hit the ball sharp and then hustled to break up a double play later. He gave Evan the RBI chance, and that's exactly what a #9 hitter should be doing. Well Done

  5. Mike says:

    Whatever Morrison was yelling about was not a "good" thing. Morrison was having a terrible game, actually put a halfway decent swing on a ball and flew out. Just go back to the dugout and take a seat and get ready to go back in the field, even if Stroman said something. I definitely didn't see Stroman say anything and had no idea why Morrison was acting a fool. But I did know who was stepping in to the box, and Stroman looked like he was ready to kill someone after Morrison's antics. I mean he had the MFIKY look with steam coming out of his ears.

    The absolute last thing we need is for Longo to get injured because a guy who had already made at least 2 errors and is 0 for his Rays career thought he needed to mouth off at an emotional pitcher who can throw in the high 90s.


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