Steve Souza Jr made a catch for the ages on Wednesday night, robbing Chris Davis of a double and saving Matt Moore.

Souza covered a lot of ground, before going airborne for the ridiculous diving grab.

Here is the replay.

Here is how far he ran (click on image for a bigger version).


And here is the reaction by Moore.



  1. Jim says:

    Please let me bitch and moan. I just went to the website to look for tickets for a client for the Rays/Yankees game at the end of May. Here’s what I see as complete proof that the Rays are suppressing ticket sales. I bought lower level tickets for $100 each, but that wasn’t the shocker.

    How in hell can the Rays justify $46 after fees to sit in the upper level? A family of 4 would cost $184 dollar just to get into the Trop. On the other hand I can get 4 tickets to see the Rays on a Saturday in Yankee Stadium for $120. Unreal. It costs more to go to a stadium that is a couple of years from seeing a bulldozer in St Pete vs Yankee Stadium.

    Gimme a break about the premium game BS. If you guys truly wanted to fill the stands, build a fan base, and attract the next generation of fans(families), then you are completely going about it the wrong way. MOST families can’t attend during the week, and VERY few are going to pay close to $200 for the worst seats in the Trop. But, hey you guys already know this and you’re not at all interested in selling seats. All the FO is interested in is lobbying for a new stadium. This shifted around 2010 when they finally accepted that producing a winner doesn’t equate to attendance in Florida. A lesson they should have realized after watching the Marlins.

    • Michael says:

      This right here is the reason I chose not to go to the home opener this year for the first time in years. $100 for me and my wife to sit in the nosebleeds? Then probably another $100 in food and drink while we're there? No thanks.

      Instead we went to a local bar, spent half as much, got much better food, while probably being able to see the game better.

    • Ken says:

      Jim, we all get it and your bitching is duly noted. Here's what you missing. Knowledgeable Rays fans never, ever, pay a premium for tix. Purchase the cheapest ticket possible, or use the flex pass system for premium games, befriend a lower level usher, slip that usher a tip, and by the 3rd inning of most games you're inside either 3rd or 1st base about 15 rows from the field. Cost is a quarter of what you're quoting. I get that you might feel uncomfortable practicing this with a business client but otherwise it's they way to go. I have a number of ushers that I and many of my retiree buds use and it's win win for all. Hell, it's the American way.

      • Jim says:

        I don't have a problem with the $100 lower level, especially for business. It's dropping $180+ to get into 300 level that is a farce.

        are there ANY teams that has ALL upper level ticket priced at $46(for any games) other than the Rays? There can't be too many. I get sick of all this attendance talk, yet NOBODY in the press, ever mentions the unrealistic ticket prices. Yet every year, you'll "best value" BS.

    • Ken J says:

      Don't forget that if you go to the stadium on game day, less than 5 hours before the game there is $5 surcharge. That's an extra $20 for a family of four. That' s a great way to encourage walk up customers.

      • Nathan says:

        The walkup surcharge makes even less sense when they charge you a "convenience" fee for purchasing the tickets online ahead of time ($4 per ticket) and a processing fee. No reason to ever buy them online since you're paying the same as a walkup.

  2. Jim says:

    The Cubs also have some sort of Prime also it seems to max at $44.for an upper level infield seat. a Saturday(non prime) in Wrigley has a Face Value of $39 before fees. The Rays/Yankees face value at the Trop is $40. How pathetic is that?

    The Red Sox tickets start at around $70. ouch.

    Sorry about hijacking this post, but i about crapped myself when i saw the prices for the NY weekend game. How many families can afford $200 for 4 tickets?

  3. Geoff Peterson says:

    It seems like this site is winding down and almost inactive. I may have to look for a site that has daily updates on the state of the team and daily recaps of the past game and previews of the next game. Any suggestions?

    • nick says:

      Try this site.

      • Geoff Peterson says:

        Tried that one, too many youngsters and doofus commenters wanting to trash the Rays and try out their new swear words they've learned at middle school. I came here because it gave regular updates and links to other material without all the white noise and had some commenters who seemed to know the game. I hope Cork and his family are ok, content seems to have slowed significantly here.

    • Jim says:

      since someone else brought it up......noticed the same thing. What's up Cork? are daily GBT's a thing of the past?


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