• Only 1 day left to order you Kevin Kiermaier robbing-a-homer t-shirt. [Teespring]
  • The Rays announced they raised $60,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Charlotte County by getting their heads shaved this weekend.
  • The first round of cuts are expected this week.
  • Marc Topkin notes that Brad Miller’s throwing problems has suddenly put the shortstop position up for grabs with one of the options being to make Tim Beckham the everyday shortstop. []
  • Mikie Mahtook and Richie Shaffer are almost certainly starting the season in triple-A. Mahtook: “Obviously it’s not going to be something I’m happy about, it’s not something I want to do. If I start the year there, that’s not where I’m going to finish it.” []
  • The Rays want relievers who can get more than 3 outs in a single appearance. That means Matt Andriese, a starting pitcher on a team with tons of starting pitching depth, is a good candidate to take one of the bullpen jobs. But that has taken a step back as he is not battling “abdominal tightness” and missed his start this weekend. []
  • Well, this is a new one and a bit of a stretch. But if you want to read about the possibility of moving the Rays to Cuba, here ya go! [Corner Route]
  • Here is a fun site. It is a catalog of GIFs for every pitch thrown by every MLB starting pitcher. Want to see the difference between Chris Archer’s fastball and his slide? Go here. I apologize in advance if you don’t get anything else done for the next hour. [Pitcher List]

Here is Matt Silverman with his fresh haircut.


This is an actual Rays cap you can order.






  1. LK says:

    Think head shaving was for pediatric cancer

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    That is one ugly hat

  3. woodrow744 says:

    And at $31.99 it doesn't get any prettier.

  4. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I could watch the Archer slider GIF all day long.


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