Chris ArcherKen Rosenthal had a segment Wednesday on the MLB Network in which he discussed a number of players that would be good “candidates for restructured contracts.”

After going through a few of the obvious players, Rosenthal turned to Chris Archer.

This certainly piqued my interest. After all, Archer is already signed to a team-friendly contract that would pay Archer $45.5 million over eight years if all options are exercised. That deal would not expire until after the 2021 season when Archer would be 32 years old.

While the Rays did give Evan Longoria a new long-term contract in the middle of his original long-term deal, this seems much less likely with Archer. Since the Rays still have control over Archer for six more seasons and considering how most pitchers don’t age well in their mid-30s, ripping up his current contract would be a bizarre move by Rays standards.

But just when we thought Rosenthal was going to drop some knowledge on us, he instead took a sharp left-hand turn sending us slamming up against the passenger window.

“He is not as established as [Chris] Sale yet,” Rosenthal said. “At the same time, if he keeps performing the way he did last year, we’re going to be looking at a guy that won’t necessarily be a candidate for extension, given the team he plays for, but maybe a candidate, because of that great contract, to be traded.”

Wait. What?

Somehow, in the middle of a segment on players who could get new contracts with their current teams, Archer is brought up as a trade candidate.

Holy apples and oranges, Batman.

OK, let’s ignore the left hook for second. Would the Rays trade Archer? Sure. Nobody is untouchable on the Rays. But are the Rays going to trade Archer anytime in the next 3-4 years? Umm, NO. And I am not even being a homer. It would just be dumb baseball to trade one of the top young pitchers in baseball, one who is locked in at a reasonable salary for years to come.

Not even the San Diego Padres are that dumb.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    I think Ken's bow tie is on a bit too tight. What could teams possibly offer the Rays for Archer at this point in his career with the contract he has? They don't want established stars with big contracts so it would have to be one or more MLB-ready can't miss superstars that haven't played a game in the majors yet. Not too many of those out there on the trading block I'm guessing.

  2. Joe Dunn says:

    Rays have been loaded a few times with great arms . . . could happen again in a couple seasons.
    Media spends WAY too much effort analyzing what MIGHT happen.
    Call me when this DOES happen.

  3. Greg says:

    Same thing is happening with Jose Fernandez (just on a shorter timeline which makes Archer being traded an even sillier notion). If it's not a laughably one-sided trade, it doesn't happen. You obviously wait until the contract is just about up and move them for good value like we did with Price.


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