Rays fans attendanceThe Tampa Bay Rays have released a 1-page wishlist for what they want in a new stadium and it sounds amazing.

No, that’s not true. Actually, we still have no idea what they want in a new stadium beyond what everybody already knew. Here are the details, via The Tampa Bay Times:

  • It must be a “next-generation” stadium for the “evolving fan.” (translation: they want a stadium fans actually want to go to. Weird, right?)
  • The property must be at least 20 acres in size. (translation: they are not moving to Channelside, but we already knew that.)
  • The property needs to be “right-sized” for baseball geometry. (translation: you need land that will fit a stadium. Also weird. Wait. No it’s not.)
  • Near business centers and retail shopping and dining. (translation: it needs to be like every other new stadium with other entertainment options. We knew this already.)
  • “The ability to structure a public-private partnership that would support the construction . . . is critical.” (translation: the Rays are not paying for an entire stadium out of their own pocket. They want tax money, duh.)
  • The new stadium “will push the limits of ballpark design, re-imagine what it is like to experience a live baseball game and repackage it for generations to come.” (translation: actually, I have no idea what this means. I mean, it sounds great, but what does this actually tell us about a potential new stadium? Nothing.)

I can just picture it now. Or not.



  1. mep645 says:

    Make sure it has a retractable roof, lightning rods and a tornado shelter. It needs all of these to play without problems. This should be interesting for the next few years.
    Don't go cheap like the Twins. They put in heated dugouts and left the roof off. Big mistake.

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    I wonder if retractable turf would work here like the Cardinals stadium in Arizona? That way we could have the dome to stay cool and/or dry but natural grass to play on. Also it needs to be on the water somewhere so it's iconic like San Fran and some others. I like the idea of the Dog Track site on Gandy. Buy them out and run water taxis from the Tampa side right to the door.

  3. Brent says:

    Well, actually NORTH Channel, but those that were smart enough to "read between the lines" & "put the pieces to the puzzle together" knew this years ago...
    It's funny how now the Rays & Tampa have to act like they just started talking & planning for PR & legal purposes...

    • Brent says:

      Nothing really mattered for many years when Channelside needed & needs time to build, while they play for cheap in St.Pete...


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