David Price signed a 7-year, $217 million contract with the Red Sox this offseason, so we knew this day was coming. Still, it is unsettling to see Price in Red Sox gear.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    I know his limited numbers in Fenway look good but as a lefty power pitcher against righty power hitters with that ridiculous wall in left and the overall little league dimensions of Fenway, I figure those career numbers for ERA and losses are going to be heading north. He's never done well under pressure (see playoff starts) and with the monkey of that contract on his back and the obnoxious win-now fans in Boston, I figure he'll be getting booed by the 4th of July. I'm not sure his rah-rah attitude will mesh well with some of the surlier Boston players either.

  2. monte says:

    Hard not to want this guy to do well, BUT he's playing for a direct competitor. Every division game he wins is a game that hurts the Rays.


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