It has now been eight years since the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, exorcised the “devil” from their name, kowtowing to the delicate sensibilities of some of the residents in St. Pete that don’t even attend games. Yet that doesn’t mean the Rays are just going to throw away perfectly good folding chairs just because they have the old Devil Rays logo, and maybe a lot of dust.

The annual St. Petersburg Bowl is the day after Christmas and the equipment staff for one of the teams, the Marshall Thundering Herd, are already at The Trop prepping for the big game.

The Twitter account for the equipment staff Tweeted a photo of the locker room, complete with old Devil Rays folding chairs.

This seems like a good time to remind everybody that a team playing in a dome has sunshine for a mascot and that Devil Rays are still infinitely more awesome.



  1. Woodrow744 says:

    Better make room on your mantle for that Pulitzer, Cork! Outstanding stuff. The only thing to add is that it's 68 days until un-tradable pitchers making league minimum and great framing catchers j-u-s-t slightly past their prime report to spring training.

  2. Steve says:

    Devil Rays > Sunshine Rays

  3. Gus says:

    The name change was simple branding; not sure why Cork thinks that Sternberg listened to St. Petersburg residents with "delicate sensibilities" as part of the name change. He listened to $ and had an eye out for an open air stadium at Al Lang at the time, hence the sun rays as the secondary logo.

    For those of us who remember the name to begin with, it was always awkward. Devil Ray was an obscure term; the manta ray was the more common usage ("devil fish" was the more common term in Spanish speaking countries). The best name -- a local sight, an iconic cool car and an aggressive beast -- was "Stingrays", but Vince was too cheap to payoff the Maui Stingrays the $85K (reportedly) that they wanted, so we got stuck with Devil Rays and the awful initial color scheme with purple and every other color under the rainbow (the revised green and black uniforms were sweet though).

    To their credit, they installed a touch tank (of stingrays, not devil rays) and kept the ray on the uniform. Am I surprised that Stu hasn't changed out the chairs? No. He's cheap. Really cheap.

  4. mpalmer645 says:

    There are still fans that wear either old Devil Ray Ts or the new Devil Rays Ts to every game.


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