Chris Archer and Kevin Cash

Here are a few odds and ends to get the day started

  • It doesn’t sound like anything more than standard off-season discussions at this point, but Ken Rosenthal says the Rockies and Rays have discussed a potential trade that would send an outfielder (likely a prospect) to the Rays for a starting pitcher. [Ken Rosenthal]
  • The Rays typically don’t call any player “untouchable,” but Ken Rosenthal writes that Chris Archer is “pretty close” to untouchable. [Fox Sports]
  • While he may be less “untouchable,” Kevin Kiermaier is probably not far behind and according to Marc Topkin “everyone” has interest in trading for the center fielder. []
  • The Rays are still “cautiously optimistic” about playing in Cuba. []
  • The Rays will follow the recommendation of MLB and add netting in front of more seats. []
  • The Tampa City Council approved a funding deal with the Buccaneers for $90 million in improvements for Raymond James Stadium. []
  • MiLB has named the Rays’ organizational All-Stars, led by, of course, Blake Snell. [MiLB]
  • This young Mariners fan did not take the Brad Miller trade well at all. [Cut4]




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  1. edward says:

    when i first saw the picture i immediately thought of stu at the winter meetings lolololol. Seriously though isn't that what it is all about , the kids, that is what we need here more people, in this case a kid , being upset about losing players everytime we turn around. Now i know that is how the rays have to do things but how are our kids suppose to become rays fans and stay attached to the rays when their favorite players are being traded away or not resigned. Oh well I'm not going to get into it, it is the happiest time of the year, i will wait until January lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY.


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