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In the latest proof that there is always a job in professional sports if one is talented enough, the Texas Rangers have signed former Rays prospect Matt Bush, who recently completed a three-year prison sentence stemming from a DUI accident that nearly killed a motorcyclist.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports that the Rangers have signed Bush to a minor league contract and that he won’t be invited to spring training.

Rangers player development assistant Roy Silver, who was instrumental in getting Hamilton back to a place where he could resume his baseball career after several years of alcohol and drug-related issues, had a prior relationship with Bush. The Rangers sent scouts to watch Bush throw in Florida. He later threw in front of members of the Rangers’ front office in Arlington after his release. Daniels said Bush had reached “in the range” of 95 mph.

“My initial response when I heard that he was interested was one of skepticism,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. “Given the nature of the crime and the sensitivity, I wasn’t sure. When we met him and saw how much regret he had and how he sincerely wanted to turn his life in the right direction, we were impressed.”

Bush is the second troubled former No. 1 pick that the Rangers have taken a shot on, having previously hit the jackpot when they acquired another former Rays prospect, Josh Hamilton.



  1. Rob says:

    I'm not saying Bush shouldn't get a another chance, but I think his crime is much worse than Pete Rose's crime, and that makes MLB hypocritical in my eyes.

    • OriginalTom says:

      I think you are comparing Apples to Oranges. I do not think anyone would argue your point that Bush's crime is much worse than Rose's. What Rose did was a crime against baseball akin to insider trading. If managers or players bet on games the outcomes of the games can be influenced by factors other than honest competition. The American Penal system should not punish Rose but Baseball does.

      With Bush, the penal system doled out the punishment and the punishment Bush received (jail time) is more harsh than what Rose received. I am not sure baseball needs to punish Bush any further.

      • Geoff Peterson says:

        I would agree Tom except that Bush had committed at least 3 additional assaults prior to the DUI conviction so he should be looked at as a multiple offender and be subject to suspension starting now for all of his offenses. You shouldn't avoid suspension from baseball because you're in jail, it should be in addition to any legal ramifications.

      • Rob says:

        I agree it's apples to oranges, and I agree that Rose's behavior threatens the integrity of the game and MLB has to protect that from happening with others. I just find it difficult to reconcile.

  2. FortMyersDave says:

    I wish the kid luck; what he did in Charlotte county was horrible and he is very fortunate that the 72 year old man he hit managed to survive or Bush would have been looking at 10 to 15 years behind bars. I think that Guyer owned the vehicle that bush used in the accident and thus was also liable for the accident and probably had to fork over a sizeable settlement to the victim.... The rays had to be aware of Bushes' checkered past so its is beyond me how anyone even let Bush get behind the wheel of any vehicle! Again, I hope the kid conquers his demons but i would not bet on it; addiction is a tough demon to beat; ask Josh Hamilton.....


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