Jake OdorizziIt’s that time of year when the Rays are probably in talks with lots of teams about lots of players and most of those talks won’t lead to anything at all. But this rumor is more intriguing than most because it sounds like the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman really want one of the Rays’ starting pitchers.

It started on Wednesday when Rays consigliere Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers’ hope for replacing Zack Greinke could lead to them making a run at trading for Chris Archer.

A few people with connections to the Dodgers were buzzing Wednesday that the team might take a run at Archer, whom Friedman signed to an outrageously club-friendly extension while working for the Rays in April 2014.

Even though the Rays will listen to offers for any player — always have, always will — Rosenthal correctly points out that if there ever was an “untouchable” player on the Rays, it would be Archer. So unless the Dodgers are offering their top five prospects and about $50 million in cash, that’s not happening.

But that doesn’t mean the Rays and Dodgers can’t work out a deal. In fact, now there is word that the two sides might be working on a deal built around Jake Odorizzi.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports was the first to report that the teams were discussing Odorizzi.

Jason Stark of ESPN also dropped the season’s biggest buzzword, “buzz,” when discussing the teams.

Lots of buzz out there that Dodgers could turn to Andrew Friedman’s old team, TB, for pitching. More speculation about Odorizzi than others.

Meanwhile, Marc Topkin’s sources give him the sense “that no trade is imminent,” as of late Thursday afternoon.

The downside to trading Odorizzi is that he is still a legit No. 3 starting pitcher on most teams and he will only make ~$550,000 in 2016 as he is not eligible for arbitration until 2017. He is also still four years away from free agency. So one would think the price for such a pitcher would be steep.



  1. Ken says:

    No way the Rays trade Archer. He and KK are the most popular Rays players, especially among the Rays young fans. As for Ordo, his peripherals are similar to Shelby Miller with 2 more years of team control. The Dodgers would have to offer a package at least similar to the Braves haul. Any deal made will be a testament to Silverman's worth as a GM. Will he fold to the boy wonder or stick it in his ear? Stay tuned.

  2. Matt says:

    If they want Archer, the deal is actually pretty simple. They just have to pony up Seager, plus other big pieces like Urias, Holmes, and/or Pederson. Even though dodger fans will tell you thats asinine, that HAS to be the starting point for an Archer deal. I'm really not a huge fan of dealing Odorizzi either, especially since he's been mostly healthy and has 4 years of control left. Hell, he won't start getting expensive for Rays' standards until around 2018, and then he still isn't a free agent until 2020. I don't blame them for listening to offers, but four more seasons of a proven #2/#3 guy in Odorizzi sounds a whole lot better to me than an unproven, question mark that they'll get from a team.

    • Ken says:

      I totally agree Matt. Ordo is far more valuable to us than a couple of prospects. Here's one for you. Trade one of (Smyly, Moore, Erasmo, Cobb) plus McGee for Pederson, and two of their 5-15 rated prospects, one of which being a SP. I'd even throw in Jennings. Then unload Loney for a couple of High A pitchers to anyone who'd take on his salary.
      Archer is as untouchable as Longo or KK.

  3. Craig says:

    I like Odorizzi to Cards rumor better. Rays probably shouldn't give up an ace-caliber pitcher like Archer and they definitely shouldn't give up his contract.


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