Jake Odorizzi

At this point, it might be easier to create a list of teams not interested in trading for one of the Rays’ many starting pitchers. But for the sake of sanity, we’ll just keep ticking off the teams that have reportedly talked to the Rays about trades.

The latest is the St. Louis Cardinals. But despite many reports to the contrary, there is nothing in this latest report to suggest that the Cardinals are actually targeting Jake Odorizzi.

Confused? OK. Let’s start with the initial report, a simple tweet from Jon Morosi of Fox Sports 1.

That report has two parts that are only loosely related: 1) Morosi says the Cardinals have talked to the Rays about trading for a starting pitcher; 2) Morosi then speculates on who the Cardinals might be interested in, noting that Odorizzi is from the area. At no point does Morosi say that the Cardinals want Odorizzi.

I don’t want to call out all of the media outlets that failed to grasp this simple concept, but there is one particularly egregious example. Here is the report from FoxSports.com, the same website where Morosi is employed.

12-21-2015 7-49-12 AM

*Head hits desk*


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  1. Craig says:

    Morosi implied the Cards may be in trade talks for Odorizzi. That could be just speculation or it could be foot stomping to signal the Dodgers (and all teams) someone else is interested right now. Either way, yeah, the Twitter comment did not validate the derivative headline.


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