Joe MaddonJoe Maddon was named National League Manager of the Year following his first season with the Chicago Cubs.

Maddon received 18 of the 30 first-place votes, easily out-pacing Mike Matheny of the Cardinals and Terry Collins of the Mets, the two managers who also received first-place votes.

This, of course, comes just a little over a year after a strange and bitter divorce led to Maddon opting out of his contract with the Rays and signing a huge contract with the Cubs.

While celebrating the award and his restaurant in Tampa, Maddon spoke with Marc Topkin about that move, calling it a “win-win-win situation for everybody,” referring to himself, the Rays, and the Cubs.

“I think nine or 10 years in one gig someplace is probably plenty for both sides,” Maddon told Topkin. “Both sides more than likely need to move on at that point.”

Needless to say, that move angered a lot of Rays fans in the area. But what is interesting looking back now, is that fans had started to sour on Maddon even before the divorce. It is hard to point to one thing and there were always fans that did not care for Maddon. But in the final season it seemed like more and more fans had grown tired of the antics, the holier-than-thouness, the none-too-subtle digs at the area and the fan base, and what some perceived as a laissez faire attitude when the team struggled.

As they say, time heals all wounds. Has there been enough time to forgive Maddon? One informal poll suggests so.

Rick Stroud and Tom Jones on 620 WDAE asked their listeners about Maddon and the results seemed to suggest that most Rays fans are still pro-Maddon. You can listen to the segment here.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    I think Maddon handled it unprofessionally and I don't support him with another team. You can't fault his abilities but a little bit of loyalty would be nice. Too many former Tampa Bay players and coaches want to go chase a title elsewhere, yet love the community enough to live here in the offseason.

  2. Woodrow744 says:

    Gotta disagree there, Geoff. Joe, through a smart caveat in his contract with the Rays, became "available" when Friedman left. The Rays stuck to their business model by offering a modest increase in pay. The unfairness in all this goes back to money, as it invariably does in sports. Maddon knew the business model in Tampa Bay and understood that chances for success increase with deeper pockets than Stu. Now, I cannot verify when the Cubs approached Joe or if the Rays have a legitimate argument with regards to legality. Different subject. Remember, a lot of managers, hitting coaches, etc. get fired before their contracts are even up. Tough business, but it IS business.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      By most accounts Maddon was offered $3 mil a year to stay here for 4-5 more years. How much money is enough? The job here would be much more stable as well. The expectations for the Cubs are so high now that a down year might have Maddon out on the street. My point is he liked it here, the money was more than most people can even imagine, and he built ties to the community. I get tired of seeing players and coaches moving on to wring a few more dollars out of the fans and/or to chase a title that they might have had anyway had they stayed.

      • monte says:

        I'm with you on this one, Geoff. I can understand players and managers going for more money, but where you live and fellow players ought to count for something too, especially when the difference may only be between a great deal of money, and a great, great deal of money.

  3. Starmand says:

    Call me crazy, gentlemen, but if the Cubs were paying me $2 million more than the Rays I would think that a chunk of that would help to pay taxes on the Cubs salary.

    Of course, Rays fans could always establish a gofundme account to pay the difference. But I would think that it would only raise around $395.00 in 364 days.

    Loyalty in the entertainment business? I thought that ended with W.C. Fields. "Any man who hates dogs and babies can't be all bad".

    • Starmand says:

      Sorry. Forgot...


      There...I feel better now...Thank you...Nothing to see here...Carry on...As you were...


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