Brad Miller

If you do the Twitter, you know that Peter Gammons occasionally says something mind-boggling. Usually it can be chalked up to an accidental spell-check or butt tweet. But this one is well, peak pgammo.

He thinks the Rays’ trade for the Mariners can be big for the Rays, as shortstop Brad Miller has the potential to be the Rays’ next Brad Miller…Wait. What?

OK, OK, he probably meant Ben Zobrist, which would be high praise indeed. At least I am hoping he meant Ben Zobrist. Because if he meant Elijah Dukes, the Rays are screwed.



  1. Steve Suraci says:

    Or maybe, he just meant that he is who he has been. That Brad Miller as a Ray, will be the same weak hitting guy without a position that he was in Seattle?

    • Skateman says:

      Miller mashes righties, which is particularly impressive for a SS. You don't know what you're talking about.

  2. Steve Suraci says:

    I hope I'm terribly wrong! I still think Gammons was saying that he is who he is... a guy that was handed the everyday job multiple times and simply played his way out of it. He might be a great bench guy that can play anywhere defensively but the Zobrist comparison seems very lofty.

    • Skateman says:

      You're wrong. His defensive stats at SS are about average to just slightly below average. He's the 6th best hitting SS in all of baseball (minimum 400PA) with a 105 wRC+. But he's terrible against LH pitching. Against RH pitching he's third best! Miller is an absolutely monster pick-up by the Rays, especially for a back of the rotation (at best) guy in Karns who ended the year with a forearm strain.


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