Kevin Kiermaier won his first career Gold Glove Award on Tuesday night.

Evan Longoria was also nominated at third base, but came up short as the award went to Manny Machado (of course).

Kiermaier led all Major League outfielders with a 30.0 UZR. Jayson Heyward, who also won a Gold Glove, was the only other outfielder above 16.0.

In addition, Kiermaier led the all center fielders with 15 assists, the result of a combination of his strong arm and his early season struggles aiming the ball, something that led to runners being more aggressive.

But where Kiermaier really excelled was with the glove. He was measured to have saved 42 runs this season. To put that another way, the Rays’ pitching staff was 4th in the AL with a 3.74 ERA. Without Kiermaier, it would have been about 4.00, which would have been 8th.






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