Kevin Kiermaier

Kevin Kiermaier was one of three players to be named the best defensive player at his position winning The Fielding Bible’s award for center fielders.

The award is not as prestigious as the Gold Glove, handed out by Major League Baseball, but is considered a better indicator of who the best players were each season, relying more on numbers and less on a player’s popularity *cough Derek Jeter won 5 Gold Gloves cough*.

In announcing the vote, The Fielding Bible had high praise for Kiermaier:

At one of the unanimous positions, Kevin Kiermaier made things easy for the judges. Playing center field for the Tampa Bay Rays, Kiermaier established a new record for the most Defensive Runs Saved in one season by a single player ever recorded (42).

Despite being a young player on the lowly Rays that was not a top prospect, Kiermaier does have enough reputation in baseball circles that he is likely to also win his first Gold Glove this year, the first of many to be sure. Kiermaier is a finalist for the Gold Glove awards, which will be announced on Nov. 10.



  1. cgretired says:

    Lowly Rays? Hmm.. interesting choice of words. How about those lowly Red Sox? Or lowly O's? Sure, they don't have billions to spend on players, but they do pretty darned good for what they DO have. Also, consider that the fan base at home is what is lowly with most game attendees being fans of the "other team", they did pretty good, have done better in the past, and will most likely do better in the future, but with a good percentage of the attendees cheering for the other team, what do you expect? Kiermaier, in my estimation, is the caliber of players that the Rays need more of, and fans that cheer the Rays rather than the Yankees, or Red Sox, or the O's certainly wouldn't hurt.

  2. Gus says:

    Here's what Cork really wanted to say about KK: "His throws have a tail."

    The greatest fielding season of any player in my lifetime. Amazing, and a joy to watch on a daily basis. His increased production at the plate later in the season gave me hope as well that he is going to become an All-Star. Plus, "Dreamy McHustle" is the best Rays related nickname since Bossman Junior.

  3. mep645 says:

    KK is well known to MLB TV and a "darling" of their morning show. I don't know about ESPN or other sports media. A fellow Midwesterner, I know that he was able to get out of the "only New York and California are important" mentality. This mentality is so pervasive in all sports and that is a shame. There are 30 teams in baseball and all are important.

  4. Roger M says:

    On MLB they suggested the Cubs go out to get KK in Chicago.


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