The Chicago Cubs won the NL Wild Card game on Wednesday night. But the win was overshadowed by a benches-clearing incident in which Jake Arrieta was hit by a pitch.

While this was your typical pushing and shoving brawl, filled with sound and fury, but ultimately signifying nothing, the one player who stood out was Sean Rodriguez. Hot Rod, a nickname that has little to do with his looks, had to be held back by three teammates during the melee.


But it was when Rodriguez got back to the dugout when he went berserk, throwing a bunch of haymakers at a Gatorade cooler. Why? Because he is Sean Rodriguez and inanimate objects are never safe in his vicinity.

Rodriguez once famously broke his hand while with the Rays when he was in Durham and punched a locker because he felt a minor leaguer had disrespected him.

The other Rays-related issue here is that a beanball war once again broke out with a Joe Maddon-led team. While I have never been shy to criticize Maddon when needed, I always felt he was rarely at fault when these things involved the Rays and I don’t think the Cubs were at fault last night. But it is amazing how often his teams are involved. Maybe it is because other teams don’t like him or the culture he creates. Or maybe he is more aggressive than other managers in exacting justice. But whatever it is, it seems like 90% of these situations involve Maddon and his teams.

It’s just weird.



  1. OriginalTom says:

    "90% of these situations involve Maddon and his teams"

    What do Yordano Ventura and the Royals need to do to get some respect?

  2. edward says:

    whats up with the jack sparrow look lol.

  3. Gus says:

    Surprise! David Price getting yacked around in the playoffs by the Texas Rangers. That would be 0-4 v. Texas in the playoffs unless the Jays bail him out late.

    (Game 163 technically not the playoffs but should count for his case here, but still).

  4. MicroBrew says:

    Maddon's teams are involved because he as a manager is big on moving the hitters feet. You've heard him postgames say this 1,000 times. When you pitch inside as much as his club does hitters will get hit.

  5. Steve says:

    Oh boy, he sure showed that cooler! How embarrassing. Sean Rodriguez is a pansy. Seriously, nobody is afraid of that tough guy wannabe. I'm glad he's another team's problem now.


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