The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Astros 3, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Nathan Karns deserved a better fate, but at least Kevin Cash let him pitch a full 6 innings for just the 11th time this season…I guess if there was a good highlight it was Tim Beckham scoring on the sac fly and leaping over the tag and landing on the plate. I mean, that would have been awesome if the catcher actually had the ball. He did not.

THE BAD: One day after criticizing Brad Boxberger’s performance in tie games and pointing out he is much better with the lead, he goes out and blows a 1-run lead. But this one is not all on his shoulders. The single past the drawn-in infield was at least partially his fault because he threw a sinker up in the zone, like way up in the strikezone. Throwing a pitch up in the zone is not necessarily a bad thing in that situation because it can induce an easy flyball that may be too shallow to tag up on. But throwing a sinker up in the zone can still get a groundball and that’s what happened. And before that, Boxy threw an awful wild pitch that sent the runner to third base. But before that, the runner probably should have never been on second base and maybe not on base at all. Jed Lowrie, a left-handed batter hit a blooper to left that would have normally been a routine flyball. But look where Desmond Jennings was playing. He was on the warning track! For a lefty! Was he going to climb the 40-foot wall to try and rob a home run? Did his back itch and he was using the fence? The ball fell in front of Jennings and then he misplayed it and Lowrie ended up on second base.


THE TELLING: The Rays are now 59-61, 8.5 games back in the East and 4.0 games back in the Wild Card.


  • This is a well-done piece by Paul Lukas and ESPN on the “Best-Dressed Cities.” Well, it is well-done if you can get past Boston being No. 1 and Tampa-St. Pete being only ahead of Atlanta. [ESPN]
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  1. Starmand says:

    RICOTTA now calculates the Rays' chances of winning the WS at 1.1%. And of making the playoffs at somewhere around Mora's.

    That's so cheesy.

  2. Starmand says:

    In other news, KFC has announced that they have fired the new Colonel appearing in their marketing campaigns.

    Over a Popeye's burger, KFC's CEO asserted, "he was just too creepy".

  3. Gus says:

    4 blown saves and 9 losses as "the" designated closer? That has to be at or near some kind of record for closers in the last decade. We have surpassed Balfour 2014.

    Just brutal; I know McGee wasn't available, but anybody but Boxy at this point.

    And again, the offense should get some blame for not driving in the runs in the 8th when the bases were loaded.

    Also, I'd like to see the Rays offensive production in extra innings. They would have to rank near the all-time bottom in terms of runs per inning in extra innings.

  4. Hurricanes says:

    The Rays have burned up their bullpen with their foolish strategy of trying to emulate the KC Royals. Silverman and his two young cronies, who assist him, do not have the credentials to run a Major League baseball team.

  5. Mark says:

    I am liking the look of Alex Colome as the closer. He has the look and stuff of Fernando Rodney! Let him try and see if he can do it.


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