The Rays have claimed outfielder Daniel Nava off of waivers, according to Jon Heyman.

Nava was hitting .152 with no home runs in 29 games when he was designated for assignment last week. The Rays won’t add Nava to the roster until after Wednesday’s game, according to Marc Topkin. It is unclear who will be dropped from the roster to make room.

Nava does have a history with the Rays. It was Nava back in 2013 who struck out in a game at The Trop that led to Chris Archer bounding off the mound and kissing his bicep.

Nava was clearly not pleased.

This later was factored in when the Boston media called Archer a hypocrite, which was laughable because nobody is in David Ortiz’ league when it comes to obnoxious antics.



  1. zenny says:

    Nava was pretty good in 2013, but not so much before or after, and he's 32. I'm guessing the FO thinks he might be an upgrade over Sizemore. Dunno, guess it's worth a shot.

    In the bigger picture, I'm a little disturbed by the trend that's starting here. Yes, Souza getting hurt right after DeJesus was traded was terrible timing and weakened the outfield dept considerably. But between this move and calling up Shaffer when his numbers didn't really indicate that he was ready, the Rays' brain trust seems to be reaching / panicking right now. This is not something we've seen for a long time, as they've always patient to a fault. Hope it works out...

  2. Paco says:

    Ummm, Shaffer's numbers didn't deserve a callup? I'm gonna disagree there. And for a team struggling to score runs, adding pop from someone like Shaffer seems like a good move to me. Nava makes less sense to me, but he's free and we need some outfield depth right now. Neither move seems at all like a panic to me.

    • Josh says:

      Nava is not free... Rays still owe 610(ish)k

      In 3 games, Shaffer has detracted more than added, 1 for 9, 5 SO, 3 BB, 4 LoB, 1 HR.... a HR does not make up for 4 LoB and 5 SO.

      • Ted Sheckler says:

        Shaffer is actually 1-7, not 1-9. Including the hit by pitch, he has made 6 outs and reached base 5 times, one being a home run. If every hitter in the lineup did that, the team would average 2.5 baserunners per inning and 1 home run every 2 innings. That is an average of 22.5 baserunners and 4.5 home runs per game. Even if every home run was a solo home run, that team would average 4.5 runs per game.

        Of course making judgement either way on a player after 3 games is meaningless.


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