The Rays are now 64-66 and if it seems like they have been hovering around the .500 mark for a while it is because they have.

So far this season, the Rays have been within 3 games of .500 after 103 of their 130 games including all 39 games in the second half.


Even in their playoff years, the Rays have always been a very streaky team, often looking unbeatable and unable to win for long stretches at different time. It is a trait that has always been chalked up to being a roster filled with young players who are often less consistent. And yet this year, outside of one hot stretch that was quickly followed by a cold stretch just before the All-Star break, this team has been consistently consistent.


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  1. Amanda says:

    I swear on my parents' grave that this is true: I bought the audio package just in time for the 65th game of the season. (I just counted it on the schedule just to double-check.) We had bought NHL Center Ice to follow the Lightning, so I waited until their season was over to follow the Rays.

    So it's all my fault that the Rays went into a tailspin. Sorry everyone. 🙁


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