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Angels 8, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

No Good and Bad today…

THE TELLING: Chris Archer was named AL Player of the Week…Evan Longoria was out of the lineup again and this is starting to get worrisome…Jake Odorizzi went on the DL prior to the game becoming the 16th different Rays player to go on the DL this season. Odorizzi called his oblique injury less serious than the one suffered by Alex Cobb. Andrew Bellatti was called up and added to the roster…The Rays are now 31-28, 2.5 games behind the Yankees who have won 7 in a row. The Blue Jays have also won 7 in a row and are just 1.5 games behind the Rays.


  • The Rays went all-college on the second day of the draft. []
  • The Rays are up to No. 8 in this week’s Power Rankings at Fox Sports and are given a 50.0% chance of making the playoffs. []
  • Here’s a good look at the current attendance situation. Basically, what the attendance looks like now is typically what it will look like at the end of the year. [TBBaseballMarket]
  • Rocco Baldelli reflects back on getting drafted in 2000. [Providence Journal]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscores]

Looks like Kevin Cash is getting tired of having to update the media on all of the injuries.

Matt Moore talks about his latest rehab start. He sounds more confident than he did after his first start. Many say the biggest hurdle is psychological. This could be a good sign.





  1. Joe says:

    Longoria supposedly hit in the cages before the game without a setback before the game and did pinch hit. Again he said he would be ready today (heard that about Tuesday). Whether he will be able to hit a 90mph fastball is another question.

  2. Ken says:

    Franklin needs to go on the DL immediately with sprained ability to play MLB. He is just awful.

    • Scott Roth says:

      Thank you. I keep wondering how he has a spot on roster let alone starting. He is awful on offense and defense, he contributes nothing. Yes, we have injuries, but seriously--no one better than him? UGH

    • Dave L says:

      With what corresponding roster move to fill the present needs? Third, first and some SS and 2nd? And remember he's a switch hitter so he only kills us slightly less batting from the right side as he does from the left where his only hope is an occasional walk.

      Whenever you send somebody down somebody at least marginally better who can fill his shoes Its pretty unfair to judge him harshly at first base as a fielder he never played the position his whole career not even 1 inning in the Minors. So this year he's thrown to the wolves learning MLB 1st base on the fly. Its tough to watch but we would likely need 2 guys to replace Franklin. Our pen would then be shorthanded.

      There are no easy answers right now.

      • Ken says:

        Alexi Casilla...plays SS and 2B, hitting well at Durham and knows what end of the bat to use at the plate.

      • Scott Roth says:

        Elmore plays each of those positions--but we don't need a Zobrist. Sorry, you cannot tell me we don't have someone who can hit at least .100 and play passable d ((NF is awful at 2nd also). Need two players to replace a guy who can neither hit nor defend? Please.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      This sounds ridiculous, but at least Dykstra was a first baseman. He was not MLB ready by a mile, but he proved to be better at 1B than Franklin, and they're equally abysmal at the plate with the exception that Dykstra actually has the ability to hit for power (not that he actually has), so why not at least put a glove at 1st. And don't quote Franklin's versatility because he's proven that to be farcical too...

      I don't really care if they play spin the bottle down at Durham to see who takes his place, but Franklin needs to go back down and get his act together. I think he'll be a decent player eventually, but his head is presently placed firmly inside his rectum.

      • Scott Roth says:

        I agree. If we need a first baseman, why not actually bring up a guy who can play it? That is a very important defensive position (see: James Loney). Dykstra couldn't hit either...but at least he could play defense. Too bad Juan Francisco felt Japan would be a better option than Durham!

      • Alex says:

        As far as I remember he is out of options which is why they can't just send him down

        • Dave L says:

          The fans are always ready to give up on a guy before management is. The fans "know" the AAA replacement will be better, well...just because they hope its true.

          The GM has to be damn sure because there is no going back if he's out of options. Franklin's young enough that someone else will give him a run. He was ok last night, I'm not arguing I love him as a player right now its just they have logical reasons for what they do. Its not like MS is invested in Franklin emotionally--that was AS deal and he has shown the ability to cut losses on AS deals.

          Ken and Smith gave me two replacement guys with completely different position capabilities, that was my whole point.

          • OriginalTom says:

            Actually Dave, last night's starter, Erasmo Ramirez, is a great example of what you are saying. He was horrible his first few outings and people were calling for his release but the past month he has been pretty decent.

            If they do DFA Franklin, I would like to see Ryan Brett get a shot.

          • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

            I never implied that he wasn't worth keeping. I simply said he shouldn't be on the roster right now- if he's out of options then he'll have to get injured, but he needs to get his head right on defense and fix the glut of holes in his swing before he should see the field again.

  3. Skateman says:

    I feel like the ridiculous injury bug the Rays have faced is finally going to catch up with them. You simply can't win consistently with the guys they're putting out there.

  4. edward williams says:

    just asking, because I really don't know , but isn't there anybody that the rays can go out and get, yes I do know they would have to give up something, I though that elmore was better at first , franklin is just awful, there has to be something the rays can do.

  5. Rob says:

    Rays are 7-9 in games in which Franklin plays.


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