On defense, the Rays are giving up just 3.58 runs per game, tops in the American League.  That’s damn good, especially if you consider all of the injuries to the pitching staff.

However, on offense, the Rays are averaging 3.75 runs per game this season, 13th in the American League and a full half-run below the league average.

The result is the average Rays game has just 7.33 runs scored, last in the American League. That is nearly a half-run less than the next AL team (Angels, 7.77) and nearly 2.5 runs fewer than the average Blue Jays game.

In fact, the only team in baseball that has lower-scoring games are the Cardinals (7.04) and they are actually scoring more on offense than the Rays despite using a pitcher to hit 2-3 times per game.




  1. Gus says:

    With Rays catchers the last few years, it is worse than having a pitcher in your lineup. They are an NL team in a DH league.

  2. edward williams says:

    maybe one of the reasons attendance is so low. Not the only reason, but one of them, i know that this years team is more exciting but still not scoring a ton of runs. Hopefully they can continue winning


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