This is about as dirty as it gets when it comes to playing catcher.

With Mikie Mahtook attempting to steal third base, Red Sox Humberto Quintero threw the ball directly at the gut of Durham Bulls catcher Luke Maile.

It appears that Quintero was trying to draw an interference call.

If there is any doubt about the intent, look at how Quintero drops way down side-arm to make the throw. That is not how a catcher ever throws the ball.

As Maile laid on the ground in obvious pain, Quintero continued to argue for an interference call.

5-2-2015 3-19-40 PM

Luckily Maile was not seriously injured and was able to stay in the game. But as somebody who was a catcher for ten years and coached for a few more, this is 100% dirty. Total bush league.

You can see a longer video here.

(Hat tip to Watching Durham Bulls Baseball who first wrote about the incident)



  1. monrw says:

    Do the Rays have any catcher in the minors who appears to have the ability to hit? Boy, do we need a catcher at the major league level who can swing a bat. Also, I am sorry to say but it looks to me like Souza Jr. is not yet ready to face big league pitching.

  2. Dave L says:

    Here are some interesting yet meaningless stats. One month is not much of a sample size.

    Wil Myers is batting .279 with 14 RBI which is far more than any 2015 Ray and equal to Longo, KK and Loney.....combined. He has virtually spent the entire time as a CF and has zero errors.

    Sean Rodriguez has been used in Pitt as primarily a backup 1B and sometime RF with only 24 AB but has managed to scratch out a .375 BA with virtually all of his success coming against RHP uncharacteristically.

    Yunel has continued to swing the bat well as a Nat with a BA above .300 until recently and has a respectable 99 OPS + for him. Due to injuries hes not a SS or even a 2B as predicted but spent his entire time at 3rd where he has 1 error.

    Native Tampan Matty J has posted a horrific .375 OPS as a continued platooned LF they also try to protect him from Lefties with only 4 PA...... at least he has managed 6 RBI on zero HR. With 76 PA so far he appears to be getting the bulk of the work in LF for now.

    Zobrist was being used as in the typical super UT role but posted only a .240 BA which is low for him and a .704 OPS. His slow offensive start and horrific 2015 defensive metrics has actually led the usual Clark Kent like WAR machine to a -0.3 2015 WAR. Since he's been hurt the last week going forward his other skill of 'health' is not there.

    Hanigan was playing decent defense and offense, for a catcher, (as he did with us) until as we all saw, no surprise here.... he got hurt once again.

    Other than Hanigan I have actually watched none of the guys play much at all so the intangibles are not represented here.

    Karma-wise of all those teams only SD is above .500 and if the playoffs started today only the Rays and Myers team would be road WC teams. The rest would be on also-rans and are playing at lower than expected levels.

    Its only May 3 this is just how it looks out of the gate it all could and will change

    Thats only the Xray 2014 position players

  3. Mike says:

    This is more like Wil Myers' defense.......

    Once his motivation to prove the Rays wrong fizzles, he'll be back to his usual self at the plate. Players who can't internally motivate themselves aren't worth having on your team.

  4. Rob says:

    Was Archer pitching on short rest again?

  5. Rob says:

    WTH Cash? Why did you pull Karns when he was cruising and had thrown less than 70 pitches.

  6. Richard from TX says:

    Cash was Quintero's back-up at Houston in 2010, at least until Jason Castro started getting into the mix.

    Myers was hitting like .320 a few weeks ago...has obviously been cooling off to his normal range of performance at the plate. It's a long season. We'll see.


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