Drew SmylyAs we discussed last week, the national media was jumping the gun by reporting Drew Smyly’s season over due to a tear in his shoulder labrum. Now it sounds like Smyly will indeed try to return at some point this season.

While the Rays have yet to officially announce that Smyly will opt for rest and rehab instead of surgery, listening to Kevin Cash speak it sure sounds like the team is leaning that way.

“I’ll say this about Smyly, everything is going, we’re optimistic,” Cash told the media (via Marc Topkin of the TampaBay.com). “But we’re going to wait until we get back when Drew is there to where we can kind of sit down with Drew and talk … But we’re hearing good things.”

When asked to clarify if “good things” means Smyly is not done for the year, Cash coyly responded, “we’re hearing good things.”

According to Topper, Smyly’s best-case scenario if he avoids surgery is to return “sometime in August.”



  1. zenny says:

    My concern is that Smyly chooses the no-surgery route and is able to return to the field this season but is less effective and/or still in pain and has to eventually go under the knife anyway. That would waste months and months of time that could have been used to rehabilitate after an earlier procedure for no positive reason.

    Hopefully things turn out well, but serious shoulder issues are serious. (See Niemann, Jeff)

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      Agreed. As a Rays fan I like the way the team is playing and have some hope for the playoffs this year but see no reasonable chance of competing for a WS title without a healthy Cobb and/or Smyly. I'd rather see Smyly looking to next year at 100% health than playing at partial health and having surgery anyway.

  2. monte says:

    By the way, whatever happened to Jeff Niemann? Is he completely out of baseball? Retired? Thanks.

    • Joe says:

      During the offseason I had read he was still trying to rebuild his shoulder strength and make a comeback. He would likely take the route Kazmir did by playing in an Independent League and work his way up to a minor league deal.

  3. Sublime says:

    Will rest repair the tear? I'm not clear why he would wait unless the shoulder is going to repair itself.


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