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Orioles 3, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THINGS THAT STOOD OUT TO US: Tim Beckham got the start at second base while Asdrubal Cabrera started at shortstop and Curt Casali started behind the plate…John Jaso was the DH and batted second…James Loney is not the sort of protection you are going to want in the fifth spot of the lineup for Evan Longoria…Speaking of Evan Longoria, he went high-cuffed with the pants yesterday, which is always nice to see…Rays pitchers did not give up any runs until an unearned run in the 8th and 2 runs in the 9th. But for the game, Rays pitchers had just 6 strikeouts to 5 walks including just 2 strikeouts and 3 walks for the first 5 pitchers which included Nathan KarnsKevin Jepsen, and Brad Boxberger…The Rays’ offense went scoreless for the first 6 innings, as the batters went 4-22 (.182) with just 1 walk over that span.

3-6-2015 8-12-10 AM


  • The Rays will be doing their annual head shaving “Cut for a Cure” today for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.
  • The Rays have added free agent reliever Jim Miller to camp on a minor league deal. Miller made 3 appearances for the Yankees the last 2 years and made 33 appearances for the A’s in 2012. [Steve Adams]
  • Joe Maddon made his debut as manager of the Cubs. [NY Times]
  • Tampa makes the list of cities with the most championships since 2000, but is still well-behind Boston and L.A.. [BI Sports]

Here is a first-person view of the paratroopers descending to the field before the game.





  1. edward williams says:

    Well baseball season is finally here, I was going to buy the internet package for spring training games , but couldn't bring myself to it, lol. I see that there is a mention of joe maddon here, are we going to get daily updates on the cubs now also, not just from here but it seems in the papers as well. Not hating on joe but he is not here anymore. Anyway GO RAYS!!

  2. Gus says:

    I thought one of the earliest Bill James studies was the debunking of the idea of one hitter "protecting" another. His case study included the oft-injured Bob Horner and Dale Murphy. (Murphy hit slightly better when Horner wasn't batting behind him). So I'm not sold on the idea that Longoria needs lineup protection (are there more recent studies debunking Bill James). If people want to pitch around him, walk him and let the guys behind him get him home. Loney seems to be as good as anybody else on the team to do that.

    Can we send DeJesus to the Giants to plug in for Pence? DeJesus seems like a perfect veteran Giant player.

  3. Starmand says:

    In other news, Wil Myers stated that he doesn't plan on taking naps in CF. "That'll show them", he stated while sipping an 32 oz. cup of robusto Death Wish coffee. "At Tropicana, they weren't naps due to staying awake late playing 'Angry Birds', they were Doctor-recommended beauty naps", he added.


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