Juan Francisco and Eugenio Velez

Juan Francisco and Eugenio Velez

Here is the Rays’ TV broadcast schedule, which will include 150 games  on Sun Sports and three more on Fox Sports 1. That leaves nine games that will not be broadcast locally. Most of those are mid-week afternoon games or late-night west coast games.

On a related note, I just learned that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s (which translates to The Angels Angels of Anaheim) local Fox affiliate will broadcast 29 of the Angels’ Spring Training games.


As many of you know, I have long railed against the lack of broadcasts during the Spring. This year, only six of the Rays’ Spring Training games will be broadcast by Sun Sports.

I realize there is a big cost to producing a baseball broadcast and the return on ratings is apparently not worth it for many of the affiliates. But: 1) wouldn’t the Spring be a good time to get some young broadcasters, camera people, and production crews some big league experience?; and 2) If not, just set up 2-3 cameras and stream it over the internet without commentary and just with the ambient sound of the ballpark and crowd.

I’d watch. I’d even pay for that.


  • Kevin Cash is concerned Alex Colome won’t be ready for opening day because of his visa issue and being stuck in the Dominican Republic. Cash is less concerned about Grant Balfour who returned to Australia to be with his ailing father. Cash feels Balfour will be ready for opening day. [TBO.com]
  • Nick Franklin on which position he will be at when the season starts: “I’m going to be out there at short. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’m not.” [TampaBay.com]
  • Rene Rivera on his first impression of the Rays organization: “We’ve only had six days here, and I feel like I’ve been here my whole career. That’s how good they are. They’re friendly. They care for you. They like you to feel comfortable, and they like you to be part of them, and that’s the way it should be. It has been a great week. I’m looking forward to more to come, a year to come, a couple more years. Hopefully, the rest of my career will be here. It’s a good place to be. They’ve got great guys. They’ve got a great coaching staff. They’ve got great people. So it has been awesome.” [FoxSports.com]
  • Athlon Sports did a very deep preview of the Rays and predict they will finish fifth in the East. [AthlonSports.com]
  • Another preview of the Rays asks if they could be a surprise team in 2015. [NumberFire.com]

Highlight of the Spring so far is …





  1. Steve says:

    Didn't the Red Sox win the World Series (2013) the same year many predicted them to finish 5th in the division?

  2. Drew S says:

    Some cool info at the end of that Athlon Sports write-up. This is the most important information I saw:

    "The Rays led the majors with 1,193 runners left on base, 13 of whom were stranded in scoring position as the potential tying/winning run in the ninth inning of home games. They scored a runner from third base with less than two outs less than half the time, and hit the fewest home runs (eight) in “close-and-late” situations by any team in 22 years."

  3. Ken says:

    I can't tell from the Rays schedule which 9 games will not be on TV this year. What is the indication on the schedule or can someone tell which 9 games will not be on TV?

  4. Ken says:

    I finally cracked the code!!

  5. ken says:

    Where can I find out what ST games will be on radio? I enjoy listening to the games even if I can't watch them.

  6. Gus says:

    Monday March 9th's game vs. the Yankees is being broadcast by YES and simulcast by MLB Network for those of you looking to see a Rays game (albeit tolerating the YES broadcast team).

    Usually those games in Tampa get a pretty good group of starters among the position players.


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