Drew SmylyLast year we spent a lot of time talking about how the Rays prefer pitchers that throw their fastballs up in the strikezone and encourage their pitchers to do so.

For example, Drew Smyly was asked to throw more high fastballs after being acquired from the Tigers and the result was more flyballs.

We also saw how the result of the high fastballs is more flyballs which explains why the infield doesn’t turn very many double-plays.

Now, Fangraphs has some more evidence, such as how David Price stopped throwing so many high fastballs when he went to the Tigers.


  • The Rays worked out Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada but don’t get too excited, there is almost zero chance the Rays will sign him. Even if the Rays could afford the price (believed to be in $30-40 million range) the Rays went way over their international signing limit last year to sign 16-year-old infielder Adrian Rondon, which means they are limited in what they can spend this year. [MLB.com]
  • Anybody want to read 2,000 words on the depth of the Rays organization? [USAToday]
  • It is a slow news week, so I guess I am obligated to point out that the Rays traded for a 25-year-old single-A catcher. He is not expected to be in spring training for the Rays which says a lot since the Rays typically invite about 50 catchers (*slight exaggeration) because so many pitchers are in camp and need gloves to throw to. [MLB.com]




  1. Drew S says:

    Paul White with USA Today reminds us that Zobrist was traded but then lists him in the depth chart for right field. Good column, Paul.

  2. FortMyersDave says:

    According to the USA Today article: Tampa endured the lowest team slugging percentage and on-base-plus-slugging percentage in franchise history. No wonder the Rays had so many ball games where they scored 2 or fewer runs. Does this point at how Maddon's Sabermetrics simply did not work out too well at the plate (Dude always had batting line ups that were baffling at times and often brought in pinch hitters who would normally be left on the pine due to bad slumps or what on the surface seemed like a bad matchup but Joe M always seemed to push the envelope) and should Derek Shelton shoulder a good portion of the blame for the lack of power and hitting in general for the Rays as he is the hitting coach? Rays have to plate more runs this season if they plan to compete for the postseason; last year they just had too many breakdowns offensively; perhaps things will change with Joe M off working with Theo now.....

  3. Jason says:

    So according to the USA article, John Jaso is the starting catcher with Rivera as his backup and Ben Zobrist is still on the team?!?!?! Wow, was any research done on their part?

  4. deezy333 says:

    Rays are limited after june/july, not now


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