Evan LongoriaWe have our second 2015 projection and this one is better than the last, with PECOTA projecting the Rays to win 86 games, tied for the Red Sox for the best team in the AL East.

We previously looked at Fangraphs, which has the Rays projected to win 83 games.

The difference between the two projections is that PECOTA is more bullish on the Rays’ offense. Both projections have the Rays allowing 3.9 runs per game, however, Fangraphs has the Rays scoring 4.0 runs per game while PECOTA has the Rays scoring 4.2 runs per game, which would be an 11.2% increase over last year’s anemic output (3.8 runs per game).


  • Matt Moore is now throwing off a mound and is still targeting a June return. [MLB.com]
  • ESPN has the Rays’ farm system ranked No. 23, noting the team’s abysmal draft record in recent years. Imagine how low they would be without their recent influx of prospects. [ESPN.com]
  • Speaking of which, Daniel Robertson, who was part of the Ben Zobrist trade, is ranked as the 9th best shortstop prospect in baseball according to MLB.com. [MLB.com]
  • Christopher O’Donnell writes about how the Montreal threat is reminiscent of the Tampa-St. Pete threat from years ago. [TBO.com]




  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    You've gotta feel pretty good about the middle of the infield moving forward considering that Robinson is so highly rated and Adames (if he materializes) is projected to be even better. This says nothing of Lee and (try not to laugh) Beckham. If 3 of the 4 come close to their ceiling the Rays defense should be solid for some time... big 'if'.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      They need to look at moving Beckham to the OF a la BJ Upton. Maybe as a LF, he would not have so much to think about and could up his offense.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Ryan Brett and Jake Hager are also interesting middle infield prospects.


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