1-26-2015 8-20-31 AMBelow is a video on Rays’ catching prospect Justin O’Conner, taken with the 31st pick of the first round in 2010.

O’Conner started to finally show promise with the bat in 2014. But more importantly, O’Conner is still considered a top-flight defensive prospect and has one of the best throwing arms in the minor leagues. In the video below, he is described as a “future gold glove.”


  • Marc Topkin says David DeJesus is still likely to be traded, but it may not happen until Spring Training. [TampaBay.com]
  • Matt Silverman says the Rays do no expect to win the bidding war for Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada. [MLBTR]
  • This is a little old, and I can’t remember if we posted it before, but here is a Forbes article killing the myth that the Rays will move to Montreal. [Forbes.com]
  • The Super Bowl has now reached the point where it doesn’t matter how many games the World Series last, the Super Bowl network makes more money selling ads. [BI Sports]





  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I want to get excited by O'Conner, but it sounds like he's still likely 3 years away, unless his plate patience increases exponentially this season.
    It's also a interesting that in the same sentence the narrator states that he needs to improve his receiving skills and then that he'll be a gold glover?

  2. Dave L says:

    Hey in that Tompkin piece he said something interesting, Tompkin that is-

    "And though cautious to not feed the hype machine, he expects OF Steven Souza to at some point play a key role."

    That begs the question, as Sousa only has only 21 games at the MLB level. I think many here expect him to make the opening day roster but will he?

    But if the Rays are being the Rays wouldn't you expect them to bring him up in June to get the 4th year of Arb out of him? e.g. Myers 2013. Squeeze every last possible bit of cheap service time out of him?

    Seems likely regardless of his play in Spring.

    Some scribe needs to ask that

    • Drew S says:

      If they don't think he's ready then I could see that happening. But he's also 26. They may think he's ready now.

  3. Greg says:

    I find it surprising that Montreal could even be considered for a team. Three of the last 4 years they played in Montreal, the average attendance was less than 10,000 per game (including about 7600 per game in 2001).

  4. TOM says:

    IMO I think J. O'conner is no more than a year away from the majors, if that.


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