Kevin Cash



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    Does he have the mumps? What's with that jaw? He looks like Glen Quagmire.

  2. Gus says:

    Welcome KC. You'll be second-guessed here, but most everybody is hoping you prove that Maddon wasn't the only one who can manage this team. Figure out the catching, install Zobrist at SS and say nightly novenas over Matt Moore's left arm and you have a chance at 90 wins.

    At 66-1 (!) odds to to win the World Series, expectations are far lower in Vegas than they are here amongst Rays fans. You've got pitching to die for and most of the worst baggage of the Friedman-Maddon era has been thrown overboard. Go win.

  3. LargoRay says:

    A little random but I heard Colin Cowherd bashing Rays attendance. Ugh. How comeno one brings up Clevelans attendance who is the only team to finish worse than the Rays per baseball reference. Or the W.Sox who play in media giant Chicago yet are ranked 13/15 in AL attendance? No. It's the Rays who get spit from BSPN and it's all because they obviously hate us for opposing the likes of the Yankees/Red Sux.

  4. edward williams says:

    just read that jake McGee had elbow surgery, oh boy here we go.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Once again a pitcher needed surgery to clean up an elbow and they waited until well after the season instead of addressing it months earlier... didn't this just happen with Hellboy last season?

      I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I don't see how waiting has any benefit. Perhaps wait a few weeks after the season to let any swelling dissipate, but months? Come on! That's our closer!!


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