Stuart SternbergAnother report has come out that appears to support what we have already heard about the Rays and their mistress, Montreal.

A Montreal newspaper reports that Tampa Bay Rays officials have met with business people from Montreal on two occasions, with one of those meetings taking place in New York with Stuart Sternberg present. Here is the translated passage (via Shadow of the Stadium):

A first meeting was held in New York with the Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg, according to our information. A second meeting was also held last spring with senior management Rays to present the study commissioned by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal on the sustainability of the return of major league baseball in Montreal.

Recall that last week, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News reported that Sternberg has held discussions with “wealthy Wall Street associates” on the topic of moving the Rays to Montreal.

The Rays in turn issued a non-denial denial by saying they have not talked to the city of Montreal (or any other city). This is important, because talking to other cities about moving would be a violation of the team’s contract with the city of St. Pete.

But if we read a little deeper into the French-language report out of Canada, there is some good news.

First of all, the Rays made it clear to the Montreal business people that the team’s priority remains the Tampa Bay region:

According to our information , the Rays were clear in their trade with Montreal representatives: they want to do everything possible to ensure the future of the team in the long run in the Tampa Bay area .

Another important point made in the story is that the Rays are just one of “a dozen teams” the Montreal business people have “been in contact with.”

The Rays may be the preference of the Montreal business people and the Rays may be their priority, but this makes it clear that they don’t think anything is imminent with the Rays.

Be prepared. It is the boy scout motto. It is also the modus operandi of the Tampa Bay Rays and it sums up what we know so far about the Rays and their thoughts on moving to Montreal.

The Rays want to move to Tampa stay in the Bay Area. But it is getting to the point where they need to have a back-up plan if everything here fails.


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  1. cgretired says:

    I live in New Jersey and am a big supporter of the Tampa Bay Rays. Because I live here, I could easily go north to Canada to see the Rays, but, you know, it just wouldn't be the same.

    What? No Tropicana Field?

    How about North Port Charlotte during Spring Training! Will they still use the Sports Park field or go somewhere else for Spring Training?

    The Gulf Coast just would not be the same without the Rays.


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