Joe MaddonAfter plenty of speculation, the Tampa Bay Rays have indeed asked Major League Baseball to investigate the Chicago Cubs for tampering with Joe Maddon while he was still under contract with the Rays according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

It is the Rays’ contention Maddon only opted out of his contract because he was made aware of what the Cubs were willing to offer him should he jump. If that indeed occurred, it would be an infraction of major league rules that forbid teams to talk to personnel under contract with another club.

As they are required to do, Major League Baseball has now launched an investigation into the allegations.

If the Cubs are found guilty, MLB can order the Cubs to give compensation to the Rays.

The wording above is important. Previously, there had been some speculation on the part of the Rays that Maddon may have already had a deal in place with the Cubs prior to opting out. That is not what is being charged.

The easy defense to that argument is that Maddon talked to a lot of teams and networks about jobs after opting out and he would not have done that if he had a deal in place.

But a deal is not required for it to be tampering. Maddon could have simply been encouraged to opt out based on the knowledge that the Cubs would make an offer.

Needless to say, Cubs fans are getting pissy.

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I love the clearly unbiased wording in that post based on absolutely zero evidence such as “Theo’s statement is good enough for me” which is basically the equivalent of “Alex Rodriguez’ statement is good enough for me.”

The Rays and Rays fans are not the only ones who think the Cubs tampered.

Buster Olney nailed it when he compared this to the Red Sox busting Michael Pineda for having a glob of pine tar on his neck.

Everybody tampers. But when you are that obvious about it, you give the other side no choice but to call you out for it.

The Cubs just hired Joe Maddon with a gigantic glob of pine tar on their neck.


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  1. Dave L says:

    Even if they win whats the punishment? The Cubs 12th round pick? Its the functional equivalent of 'say your sorry and tell your brother you won't do it again.'

    Everybody tampers. In the real world its kind of a silly rule anyway. Only in spectator sports where the whole premise is fantasized gallantry and playing by the rules would anybody expect people can't talk to other people 'rules' to be followed. Nobody actually operates in a information vacuum within thier chosen field. A lifetime baseball guy Like Joe has info tentacles that reach into every org.

    So the divorce is final and Joe and Theo are at the altar and Joe is 'showing' with a tell tale bulge under his wedding gown. Only Stu and Queen Victoria should be shocked. Time to move on.


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