USATSI_7609535_154511044_lowresFormer Reds, Expos, and Nationals general manager Jim Bowden is now an analyst for ESPN and recently wrote a column criticizing the Rays for how they are conducting their search for a new manager to replace Joe Maddon.

Bowden’s biggest criticism seems to be that the Rays interviewed a bunch of people who have never been managers:

“Their initial list of eight individuals to interview was puzzling to begin with, considering just two of those candidates were former big league managers: Wakamatsu and Manny Acta.”

Of course, this completely ignores the fact that the last Rays manager had no prior managing experience and that seemed to work out pretty well.

But that is just the start of Bowden’s bizarre criticism.

Bowden went on to say it was more “surprising” who did not get an interview, including Ron Washington, Dusty Baker, and Ron Gardenhire.

Oh my, this is so ridiculous it hurts my head.

Ron Washington? Does not believe in advanced stats or sabermetrics.

Dusty Baker? A well-earned reputation for destroying young, talented arms through overuse.

Ron Gardenhire? Definitely NOT a stats-based manager and managed one of the only teams in baseball without a department dedicated to statistical analysis.

Do any of those guys sound like somebody the Rays would want anywhere near their players?

They may be good managers on some level. But Bowden would have a hard time coming up with managers who would be a worse fit for the Rays and their approach to building a baseball team.

Maybe that is why Jim Bowden is a former general manager.



  1. doug says:

    They pay him to pontificate, and he delivered. No big deal.

  2. Dave L says:

    The old school baseball guys sticking up for their old school bretheren.

    The last thing we need is a retread 20th century baseball mind.

    Continue to move forward with a manager who will think forward. We are at a distinct disadvantage as a franchise so we need an edge.

    Here is just one example. There were some stats sited listing us as one of the 'oldest rosters' in MLB. But think about why? Having no high draft picks in 6 years contributes to this.

    Possibly more importantly we are completely shut out of the high end international young super stud FA market of those who arent part of the MLB draft. We have no young Cuban, Dominican etc, and no ability to sign them. There is no wunderkind 19-22 yo on the 40 man

    It will be interesting how the new regime bolsters or guts the Dominican and Venezulean presences, those are the ultimate seed corn operations which may take a decade to produce fruit, but not at great expense.

    Was it Friedmans baby? Was Stu committed or just going along? Would be an easy target for cost cutting and boosting the bottom line short term.

    The Rays are presently capable of producing a competitive 2015 team. But we could quickly become the Twins in a couple of years.


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