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This morning we discussed Joe Girardi losing his god damned mind during last night’s game both before, and especially after, Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch. Well, he didn’t stop after the game, accusing Rays pitchers of not knowing how to pitch inside.

Well, as Marc Topkin points out, that is just idiotic because the Yankees have hit more Rays batters this season (8) than the other way around (7). In addition, Yankees pitchers have hit more batters this year overall (62) than the Rays pitchers have (53). Oh, and apparently the Yankees throwing up-and-in at Kevin Kiermaier was just bad control.

Girardi’s other point was that if you are going to pitch inside, you have to “pitch down in the zone.” Apparently Girardi missed the part of his scouting report, something we have discussed at length here, that the Rays pitchers are generally flyball pitchers who pitch up in the strike zone. If they are going to miss inside, it is more likely that they are going to miss up and in. You can’t just outlaw pitching up in the strike zone just because Girardi is butt-hurt about his team pissing away their playoff hopes.

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  1. edward says:

    Wow the yankees are whining big time, lol . They deserve whatever they get, I don't want to see anybody get hurt , but come on besides the redsox is there any other team that gets more breaks than the yanks. I am going to be so glad when this series is over so tired of hearing about Jeter, especially from our own media. We wonder why the rays don't have that many fans when the yankees are here. Oh well same old tired story been that way ever since the rays came into existince. GO RAYS

  2. STARMAND says:

    I'd like to see a Yankees team with an $80 mil payroll.

    So that it can be disproved that in outer space nobody can hear you.

    • Joe Dunn says:

      I agree but no more than 5% of Yankee fans would agree that the lack of a salary cap hurts us and gives them an advantage.

      Last night they acted like they were still a dominant franchise and we were just a new expansion team with no talent.

      Sean Rod was looking to knock somebody out!!

      • STARMAND says:

        One of the greatest joys in life is beating a $200 mil payroll team with one that barely touches $60 mil. Give or take a penny here and there.

  3. edward says:

    one thing i will say is that the rays use the "woooo's me" attitude when it comes to the payroll. I still think that they are making more money than people think, and that is alright, after all they are in this to make money. Nothing wrong with that, but stop complaining about the payroll and being in the al east. I do think there should be a salary cap, and floor. I actually thought and still do that you can win with an 80 million dollar payroll. This year to me was just a abaration. I think they just underachieved and injuries didn't help, and the lack of a bat. If they do anything next year i hope they get a good bat, even if it is going to cost them some cash, well here is hoping for a good off season and a good hockey season. GO RAYS!!!


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