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The Rays and Yankees set an ugly record last night when their game took 3 hours and 28 minutes, the longest 9-inning, 1-0 game in MLB history, nearly 2 hours longer than the White Sox and Senators took to do the same thing in 1943 (1 hour, 29 minutes). There were 8 pitchers, but only 3 pitching changes during an inning. There was an ejection but there were no replay challenges. If you want to point to the biggest culprit, it would be things like this, where it took Carlos Beltran 12 seconds to adjust his batting gloves after a foul ball while everybody waited for him to return (GIF is obviously sped up).

On a brighter note, there was a cute moment at the game last night involving an elderly fan who really wanted a photo of Derek Jeter. You can get the full breakdown of what happened over at BI Sports.


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  1. Dave L says:

    If Jeter's playing I am going to have to watch this one with the sound off.

    Theres only 2 qualified MLB SS with a negative WAR this year. Yunels offensive numbers are better than Jeters so his defense must be where his most negatives come from. I only watch Jeter when he plays us but if that non error the other night was any indication, he's being graded on a different defensive scale than most players.

    There is one 40 yo on the Yanks who still actually plays MLB level baseball....

  2. Woodrow744 says:

    ….and that guy gets a fraction of the press that Jeter gets, at least in the US. Ichiro Suzuki is probably the smartest MLB player alive, and I can't tell you how many times I've turned on the TV to see him slap hit a single or beat out a perfectly placed bunt. I don't know if his arm is as good as it once was, but in his time he had a laser. He too, will make Cooperstown.


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