Playing A Little Pepper

So much for retiring BJ Upton’s #2. Nick Franklin will wear the number for the Rays. Surprisingly, Franklin is not in the lineup tonight. Franklin does tend to struggle a bit versus lefties so Joe Maddon may prefer to wait until there is a righty on the mound which could come late in tonight’s game. Meanwhile, back when the trade was made we took a look at how similar Franklin is to Ben Zobrist and Franklin is younger than Zobrist at the same points in their careers.


Game Graph

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  1. Gus says:

    The new big dog wearing #2 at SS in the AL East -- Nick Franklin replacing Jeter!

    Have to give Franklin a look just so we can create a compelling narrative to trade Escobar in the off-season. "We'd love to keep him, but we are cutting salary and we are going to play Franklin." Even if not true, it answers the question: why are you trading the SS you just made the 5th highest paid player on your team?

    I'd also like to see Maddon give McGee and Boxburger the rest of the season off. He's pitched those guys' arms off and it is showing now. Let Balfour continue to implode for all I care. Maybe he'll retire.


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