Dave Martinez may soon have a nicer office than Joe Maddon.

Dave Martinez may soon have a nicer office than Joe Maddon.

Dave Martinez has not yet interviewed for the newly vacant Houston Astros managerial position and there is no indication that he has even been contacted yet. But there is a very telling sign that he should be considered the favorite to land the job.

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow told the Houston Chronicle that the team would prefer to hire a new manager with experience as either a manager or a bench coach in the big leagues.

“We want major league experience as manager or major league experience as the bench coach,” Luhnow told the Chronicle. “We are looking for that type of experience.”

This would seem to eliminate interim manager Tom Lawless, whose only experience as a coach or manager has come in the minor leagues.

On the other hand, Martinez, who was a finalist for the Astros managerial job when the club hired Bo Porter in 2012, has seven years of experience as a bench coach under one of the best managers in baseball, with an organization that the Astros are clearly trying to emulate.

Andrew Friedman was the Astros' top choice to be their new GM in 2011.

Andrew Friedman was the Astros’ top choice to be their new GM in 2011.

Tim Bogar was another finalist in 2012. However he is currently serving as the interim manager for the Texas Rangers and is considered a favorite to be hired as the permanent manager following the season.

The Astros can certainly look elsewhere. But unless there was something they just did not like about Martinez during his interviews in 2012, the writing on the wall seems to indicate that the team has some regrets about passing him up the last time around.


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  1. Ken H says:

    Good for Dave. Known him for many years, he's an outstanding person. He'll serve the Astro's well.


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