David PriceAfter the trade for David Price was announced, many people wondered why the Rays couldn’t get a deal at least similar to what the Rays got for James Shields or Matt Garza.

Well it turns out there may have been one, but it looks like the Rays turned it down.

One of the teams that was briefly mentioned yesterday during the reports leading up to the deadline was the Pittsburgh Pirates. Well, according to Peter Gammons on the MLB Network, they made an offer to the Rays that included four prospects and was judged by many to have been better than the Tigers offer, at least talent-wise:

“Most people thought the Pirates offer, which was all about prospects and minor leaguers, might have been greater in terms of talent and that the Pirates were much closer to getting Price than we realize. But the way that the Rays look at it in Franklin and in Smyly, they get two current Major League players who are under control for a long time [and] cost efficient. They can step right in and play for [the Rays]. The kid shortstop is a tremendous talent and two years from now may be a really good player. So, in the end, having two Major League players come in the deal rather than four prospects, probably is a better deal than anything they could have gotten anywhere else.”

The good news is this means that the Rays didn’t just misplay their hand and end up being forced to take a lousy deal because nothing else was available. Rather, the Rays wanted big league players and players who can contribute now (in the case of Smyly) and in September and next season (in the case of Franklin).

This also means that the Rays are putting more emphasis on being good now and are less worried about “restocking the farm system” which so many think they need to do.



  1. Davis says:

    i realize its many years away but if you look at Hudson Valley, I don't think there is a thing wrong with the farm system

  2. Ken H says:

    Well, the proof will be in the pudding.

  3. Gus says:

    This is the "thread the needle" approach at the last minute and done halfway, because the big club still has a glaring hole today at catcher, in the bully and the middle infield until Franklin comes up.

    But the other thing the Rays have missed is that they can keep spinning this until the cows come home, but the deal just is horrible to the casual and the intense fan -- nothing to take from it and could have been done in the off-season with 90% less pain to the fanbase.

    But they seem especially tone deaf to the fan base. Sternberg again yesterday after stuffing $4-5 million in the pockets of himself and his partners was just really horrible pr. They need to keep him away, let Silverman or Friedman do the talking and move on.

  4. Casey says:

    Browsing through the Pirates top 20 prospects on their mlb site.....I can see why the Rays didn't jump for it. Besides a couple good pitchers I don't see any impact position players they could have nabbed

    • Greg says:

      Josh Bell is going to be an impact player. It just is going to take a year to 2 more.

      • Casey says:

        If you dig a bit two words for you...injuries and strikeouts

        • Justin M. says:

          Josh Bell this year has a SO rate of 11.8% in A+ and 13.8% as a 21 in AA despite struggles there, hardly a high strikeout rate and Alen Hanson has around a 17% SO as a 20/21 year old in AA.

          To put this in perspective Evan Longoria as a 20 year old in AA put up a 18.1% SO rate as a 20 year old in AA and I don't think too many people were complaining about his SO rate much.

  5. Dutch says:

    Casey, they have 5 in the Baseball America midseason top 50. I'm not sure who wouldn't want any of those players.


  6. MADMAN says:

    Just read an article about how the trade went down. Sounds like Friedman initiated things. Friedman called him late Wednesday night. Maybe Andrew was forced to dump Price to save coin and that was the best he could do. Hard to believe that's all the market would bear for a 28yo Cy Young pitcher. Dombrowski is looking like a hero today.

  7. KMAC says:

    So instead of prospects we got a 2nd baseman/Shortstop who is pretty much a prospect at this point because he will be in the minors, a pitcher who will be our 4 or 5 and 1 prospect who is 18......Last I checked our team had too many 2nd baseman/SS and our biggest void is a catcher and a DH and we didnt fill either one of those positions. Good luck filling the seats now Friedman/Sternberg

  8. STARMAND says:

    It would have been a done deal if the Pirates had thrown-in J. Damon and L. Scott into the mix.

  9. You can't make honey out of horse shit!

  10. Jim says:

    There were tons of credible "rumors" involving both Taveras from the Cards with prospects, and Walker/M's and prospects only weeks ago. Yeah rumors but we had to be close to something like that.

    We waited way too long to pull the trigger, plain and simple. There were tons of stories that we turned down the Cubs & A's type deal. A #1 prospect. We'll never know the truth behind any of these. The thought that we possibly turned down any of the top prospects in return for at best 2nd string 2B, a #4 pitcher, and a kid that is a gigantic question mark is conceding. To pass these players as some sort of MLBers is a laugh. Hell, where do you even see Franklin playing next year?

    That brings up another subject. Did we wait to late to move Zo also? It's almost like we didn't have any of our ducks in a row at the last minute Surely we could have gotten something for him. Did these guys honestly wait until the last minute and grasp at the straws.

    Our front office dropped the ball by foolishly believing we had a shot. Yeah we sellers, but we didn't move nearly enough, soon enough. We completely botched this draft,this off-season, and if falls directly in Andrews lap. We blew a ton on waisted dollar and slots.

    We just gave away the most valuable player in recent history for a package that we should have easily gotten for Joyce/Zo/Balfour a month ago, maybe less. We completely screwed this trade, there's no way we can spin this.

    Ask yourself this. Does the addition of these players and losing Price make the Rays a better team by 10 games? Now take away the Price factor on our bullpen. This was an horrific trade. There's no way to sugar coat it.

    • Dave L says:

      I have grainy unauthorized secret video that one you were referring to.

      it really happened!

      they were finalizing the deal when the M's and Tigers GM's emerged from a cloak room a just before the names Joyce and Balfour spilled from their lips a sweating AF blurted out Price!!!

      it was like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets burned by the coffee with jackie what's his name looking on and he accepts free latte for life before they get to the part about the money.

      now that I learned these mythical trades we are always turning down aren't just figments of your imagination of how baseball horse trading operates and are actually real, I am going to have to show your wisdom more respect!

      • Jim says:

        Dave L

        Do you need me to explain why you don't wait until the very last minute to pull a trade again? You were "debating" that with me over and over. As a seller, it's way to risky.

        Do you need me to explain again why I said we should have opened talks for David Price extremely early in the season? Not just pulling the trigger buy, at least get our ducks in a row. Instead of scrambling last minute, grasping at straws. Only moving one critical piece.

        Do you really need to explain that this FO was completely over their heads when it came to this trade. This made the Kasmir deal look like little league selection. Never had this FO had so much power, at such a crucial time, with more at stake. AND THEY SCREWED THEPOOCH!

  11. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    The Rays should scour the earth looking for a prospect named Chris (or Khris) Davis... apparently anyone with that name can mash.


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