USATSI_8002836_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Red Sox 3, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Kirby Yates. What a fun at bat in the 7th inning with the Rays down a run. There were 2 outs and the Sox had runners on 2nd and 3rd and Yates battled Shane Victorino for 13 PITCHES(!) before finally getting him to chase a slider out of the zone. It was one of the best at bats you will see in a loss this season…The Bullpen. On Saturday and Sunday, the bullpen did its job: 7.1 innings, 3 hits, 3 walks, 11 strikeouts, and most importantly, no runs…The Standings. Every loss from here on out is going to hurt, but this one hurt a little less. Of the 5 teams ahead of the Rays in the Wild Card, 3 lost on Sunday and the other 2 were playing other teams ahead of the Rays, so we knew going in that at least 2 would win on Sunday. In addition, the White Sox lost, keeping them behind the Rays.

THE BAD: Matt Joyce. After giving up 3 runs in the top of the inning, the Rays quickly got 2 back in the bottom of the 3rd and then a double-steal left runners on second and third with one out. All Joyce needs to do is get a bat on the ball and the game is probably tied. He struck out. And then Evan Longoria struck out and the Rays’ best chance to tie the game was squashed. The Rays didn’t get another runner past second base the rest of the game…David Ortiz AND Chris Archer. David Ortiz hit a 3-run home run and he really enjoyed it (see GIF below). No lie (I timed it) it took Ortiz 10 seconds to reach first base and 29+ seconds to round the bases. That’s huge. After the game, Chris Archer reiterated something David Price said recently, that Ortiz acts like he is bigger than the game. He does. And that is bullsh*t. But here are the problems with that comment: 1) Archer is a young player talking about one of the best hitters of the last 20 years and needs to let Price say things like that; and 2) those comments carry more weight if Archer isn’t a guy who once kissed his bicep after striking out a Red Sox batter. I know that is not going to go over well with many of you. But as wrong as Ortiz was and can be, Archer is not the guy to call him out. To the outside fan it looks hypocritical and it probably is, leaving non-Rays fans to take Ortiz’ side. Archer is young and he is on the right side of this argument. But he needs to show that he can walk-the-walk before he talks-the-talk.

THE TELLING: The Rays are now 51-54, 3.5 games behind the Yankees in the East for 3rd place and 1.0 games behind Cleveland for 5th place in the Wild Card race…Joel Peralta pitched in the minors over the weekend and is expected to be activated today. It is not known yet who will be sent packing.


  • Joe Torre honored Don Zimmer during his Hall of Fame speech. []
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscores] Seven different batters had at least 2 hits in the Bulls’ 11-10 win, including Justin Christian who went 3-5 with his 9th home run. Vince Belnome also went 3-3 with his 9th home run. Matt Andriese gave up 7 runs (6 earned) in 5.2 innings…Second baseman Taylor Motter hit his 13th home run for Montgomery…Seven batters had multiple hits in Charlotte’s 9-2 win, including catcher Maxx Tissenbaum who went 2-5 with his 4th home run…Casey Gillaspie hit his 5th home run for Hudson Valley and went 3-5…

Here is Big Papi enjoying his home run like a god damned idiot.





  1. The Cleric says:

    Completely agree on the Ortiz/Archer thing. Ortiz shouldn't be pimping it, but Archer's the wrong guy to complain.

    On top of that, it was Archer's fault thinking he could fool him on two straight changeups. And if Archer doesn't like him pimping HRs, drill him on your next go up, don't whine about it in the papers.

  2. Gus says:

    Add to Joyce's "Bad" column -- swinging 3-0 on a low pitch with a man on first and grounding into DP in the 6th or so. That has to be one spot he's looking for and he has to exectute there. Bad baseball.

    To the Good -- the entire group of youngsters out of the bullpen. Much rather see those guys than Balfour and Peralta in their current states.

  3. zenny says:

    "Archer is a young player talking about one of the best hitters of the last 20 years..."

    See, if it was pretty much any other veteran player in baseball, I'd agree with this statement. But Big PEDi's remarkable and pretty much unprecedented (for a grossly overweight slugger) mid-30s career resurgence is about as suspect as suspect can be. He's clearly juicing, no matter how many tests he's passed - recall that the players busted in the Biogenesis scandal were busted because their supplier was busted, not because they tested positive for a banned substance. I have lost any respect I ever had for his talent, and don't think that he has any room to talk about anything... expect maybe the relative merits of all-you-can-eat buffets.

    Also, Archer was asked what he thought about the fat guy's (allegedly) HGH-influenced behavior. How was he supposed to answer the question?

  4. Hurricanes says:

    Our GM, Andrew, should be taken to the woodshed for still having Matt Joyce on the Rays' roster. As good as most think Andrew is, he ought to be able to fetch something of value for Joyce. Attaboy Gus.

  5. Nathan says:

    Yikes! Easy on Joyce. He's got a 1.3 WAR which is better than Markakis, Andrus, Kipnis, Loney, and Brian McCann. Everyone on your club won't be an All Star. He's hitting above his career average this year which is what the Rays hope for. You can't pick out 10 at bats a year and say the guy should be gone.

    • Gus says:

      I agree with you Nathan. Matty J. had a really bad day but I still like him in spots and he still has a beautiful swing. Interesting to see what happens to the OF rotation when Myers returns. I like the increased competition for sure.

      If the Rays made a trade at the deadline to AQUIRE talent, you might make a case for trading Jennings or Joyce, depending on how much you believe in The Outlaw.

  6. doug says:

    Sorry Cork, not with you on this...Big "poopi's" antics are deserving of criticism even from fans who have never played a lick...Archer is certainly a "fan" of the game, who happens to be a young player...sufficient standing to be a poopi critic. That display was insulting and demeaning and the next time we play them I expect poopi to be "invited" to take a hard seat while in the batter's box...I will be certainly disappointed if that does not happen.

  7. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Papi is an f-ing moron and knew he could get away with pimpin' because the series is over and he doesn't have to worry about payback tonight.

    Just because you've been labeled the best DH of all time doesn't mean you get to crap all over the game by acting like you did something out of this world every time you send a meatball out to the grandstands. Have a little respect for the game that made you what you are you big, 12 bowl of chowda eating, 46 shots of steroid taking, piece of Boston crap!

    I hate going in to the whole HGH or steroid thing anymore because it's so played out at this point, but for a big, overweight player in his mid 30's to go from basically out of the league to a pinnacle of health and blasting away like an all-star is just too much to take without becoming ridiculously suspect. The worse part is that is seems to be obvious to everyone, but he just can't get caught. I think that every time he flashes that arrogant little smile that he's sticking up his proverbial middle finger at the fans and the commissioner, basically saying that there's nothing that can be done about it so we should all just go f- ourselves...


    • zenny says:

      Mr. Smith, I am of your mind entirely.

      I like Archer and Maddon's follow up comments today.

      Archie: "I never saw Hank Aaron flip his bat. I'm not comparing the two, but they're obviously in the same class of players as far what they accomplished. I guess different people have different ways of reacting. That's just who he is."

      "Do I regret saying the truth? No. Agitated is not right word. Angry is not the right word. He pimped a home run off me. Not mad, just speak the truth."

      Joe: "The simple answer is, what if it had happened in the '60s when Gibson was pitching, or Drysdale was pitching? That answers the question."

      And... "I'm proud that our guys have said what they feel. I dig that a lot, actually. We'll see how it all plays out."

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

        JoeMa: "We'll see how it all plays out"

        Translation: That fool is getting plunked up high next time he rolls his big, pimpin' @ss out onto the diamond against my boys.


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