MLB: MAY 23 Rays at Astros

The Rays now say they are less likely to trade David Price if the team continues to play better and find their way back into the race.

Earlier today, Price told the media, “the better we play, the less likely that I will be traded.”

Tim Kurkjian of ESPN spoke with a source with the Rays who said the same thing.

“If the club plays a little bit better there is a really good chance they’re going to hang on to him,” the source told Kurkjian. “Because they don’t want to deal their best pitcher if they have any chance of getting back in the race. Now, if they fall out of it dramatically between now and July 31st, the source told me, there’s a much better chance he will be dealt.”

Kurkjian added that “the Rays are going to want the world for David Price, as they should.”

“They just have not been offered what they need to this point,” said Kurkjian. “That is one of many reasons he is still here.”

Notice that this is much more in line with what we expect from the Rays, which is why it was so surprising when Andrew Friedman was so open about having to trade Price (although Friedman never said when the team would trade Price). However, also notice that the “source” did not say the Rays wouldn’t trade Price, keeping that door open even if the team goes on a run.

In other words, it still comes down to what other teams offer. But if the team is playing better, it give the Rays a stronger position during negotiations.

Remember, the Rays don’t ever make a move or a decision until they absolutely have to. There is no reason why the Rays can’t keep Price until the off-season no matter how many experts tell us “they have to trade Price.” But make no mistake, the Rays are “open for business,” as one source told Ken Rosenthal over the weekend.



  1. Dave L says:

    I guess they don't like the offers so far.

    You know its a tough year when NOT having the worst record in MLB again and being less than 10 games back qualifies as good news.

  2. Woodrow744 says:

    In an exclusive sit-down with Ken Rosenthal, Joe Maddon said "We like David, but we ARE looking to trade him. I mean, his hygiene is not the best, you know?" Sometimes, when I have to go to the mound, I have to start holding my breath when I cross the foul line. Geez, a shower once in awhile wouldn't kill the guy. Kevin Kiermeier agrees. "Those hugs he gives me after a home run are really a rookie hazing ritual. The funk from his uniform just about renders me unconscious. The truth? That's the real reason nobody will trade with us. Nobody wants the stink in the clubhouse."
    Tim Kurkjian of ESPN spoke with James Shields. "Don't quote me on this, but I go to bed at night praying "don't send him here to Kansas City, Lord. I'm a spiritual person, but even atheists catch religion real quick when you share a locker room with that dude.
    Rosenthal thinks the small market Rays are at a breaking point. In his latest article, he stresses that the Rays may have to keep Price simply because the league doesn't want a hygiene controversy to explode during Bud Selig's last year. Perhaps skipper Maddon says it best - "damn good pitcher, damn smelly feet."

  3. Jim says:

    Like I said a million times, the miracle season will ruin this team. The front office and Joe will never concede, no matter what the gap is. If you listen to them the expanded wildcard is never out of reach. We can always make a "run".

    The time to move Price is now, yet I can honestly see us holding him until the end of the year, hoping on a miracle. They'll spin it as "we didn't get an offer we liked, so we held on to him so that ALL the teams could be in trade talks" We'll never know what was actually offered so no one can really dispute it when the trade finally happens.

    Keep on chasing the miracle comeback and take this team to the bottom of the AL EAST on a yearly basis.

    It's time to quit gambling and cash out, so we have enough talent to continue playing.

  4. otownraysfan says:

    i'm guessing that jim has never been and will never be the general manager of a major league team - much less the rays. good. personally, i prefer to listen to the people (friedman/maddon/et al) who have already performed numerous miracles with this team. hopefully they can pull another one out of the air this year. if not, they still will have done better than ANYONE (including jim, i'll bet) ever could have predicted. who knows, maybe this year's miracle could see us playing meaningful games in september, while still fielding a windfall haul for david's talents. by convincing him to publicly state that he would no longer stand in the way a possible trade to/extention with the yankees because of their facial hair rules, the rays (and david) have already vastly increased the team's and his negotiating positions with ALL interested parties in both leagues.

    • Jim says:

      " i prefer to listen to the people (friedman/maddon/et al) who have already performed numerous miracles with this team. hopefully they can pull another one out of the air this year. if not, they still will have done better than ANYONE (including jim, i’ll bet) ever could have predicted."

      HUH, they were predicted to go to the WORLD SERIES by a ton of people. If they don't make the even the wildcard, then this season is a complete BUST!!

      I truly love homers like you, I believe the Rays success over the past few years was largely due to the perfect storm of pitching. I honestly don't think that AF or JM decisions had much to do with it. Ask yourself this....Was Bobby Cox the main reason for the Braves decade of success. The answer is HELL NO. Bobby Cox is going to the hall because of his pitching staff, not his decision making ability.

      Another thing that I love......we are sabermetrics central, a ton of our decisions are decided on very small pct differences. yet, "we still have a chance", despite the "numbers" saying we have less than a 10% chance. WOW.

  5. otownraysfan says:



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