MLB: MAY 23 Rays at Astros

Brace yourselves, Rays fans. The end is near.

Buster Olney has spoken with officials for other teams who believe that the Rays are now ready to trade David Price.

“But rival officials are monitoring the market in the way that meteorologists follow weather patterns, and they believe that the Rays are prepared to move the former Cy Young Award winner. As in, right now.”

The good news, is two-fold: 1) Olney says the Rays are not close to trading Price, although I am not sure “rival officials” would know for certain that a deal isn’t imminent with another team; and 2) the Rays would not be sending out clues to other teams unless they thought there was a good deal to be made.

Remember, the Rays never make moves unless they either absolutely have to make a move or the move is of a benefit to the team. If the Rays felt they were not going to get a nice package of a very good package of prospects and/or MLB-ready players, they would just hold on to Price until the off-season.



  1. Kevin says:

    I realize this year is a lost cause but it's hard to imagine the Rays could trade Price and improve their chances for next year. Cork has mentioned here that the Rays are set up for very little turn over next year...and going into this year most thought this was a good team that would compete for the playoffs. Now we are preparing to go into next year without Price and without Matt Moore for the first half of the year.

    So the question is can the players the Rays get back in a trade plus any new players brought in with money not used on Price keep the team at the same level of competitiveness they would expect with Price...or is this beginning of a Rays rebuilding??

    • Dave L says:

      The answer is the Rays are trying to break the mold of small market, low revenue teams of boom and bust.

      They have established a model of trading elite talent while they still have present value for the future.

      The Garza Shields Kazmir trades were giving a net loss in year one and likely 2 in productivity to attempt to stock the cupboards of a farm system for high win/low draft pick team.

      The Rays have constantly sacrificed each trade for a hope for the future. This year the bubble burst and injuries and the core group having subpar years conspired to sink the team to the bottom.

      The answer to your question is an emphatic NO.

      The young green players we add will not produce to the level expected from Price and Zobrist in 2015, barring catastrophic injury which I do not wish upon anyone.

      The core group will have to produce above thier 2014 levels and the young guys like K2 and Cobb and MM and Myers will have to develop. Balfour isnt going anywhere.

      The core die cast in the 2014 squad will have to serve us in 2015 as well. Cork chronicled the commitments repeatedly in the spring. Rays fans will have to stay the course as Jays fans did in 2013-14.

      Price and Zobrist will NOT return proven major leaguers, I think we have learned that in spades over 6 years of this regime

  2. Art Corrales says:

    They better be rebuilding. I'm watching the Pirates game and we look like a AAA team. No speed, no hitting. Pathetic.

  3. Buddhaboy says:

    pirates are the rays of old. Running all over the place, high energy.

    what are fat and happy with are slobs (molina)

  4. Buddhaboy says:

    we are fat and happy with our slobs (molina)


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