This fan does appear to be wearing a Rays visor backwards, but he has to be a Yankees fan, right? He is wearing a Cowboys t-shirt. He is probably also wearing Duke boxers and will go home and sleep in his Miami Heat underoos.



  1. Dave L says:

    Watching a fully healed graceful Longo at bat and roaming the left side of the infield is truly a treat. He seems to be at the peak of his abilities and is off to an MVP caliber start.

    Dont be surprised if Maddon starts Giancarlo Rodriguez tonite againt the RH Nova he has a good history. 3 HR in 18 PA in 2014 and solid defense wherever you stick him.

    Joyce is also white hot but has struggled against Nova on the other hand. Does he sit?

  2. taylor says:

    my amazing "uncle" he has always been clumsy

  3. Joe Dunn says:

    All that EFFORT = = all that BELLY - - - still NO SOUVENIR . . ugh


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