The Rays are all over Ivan Nova tonight hitting three home runs in the first three innings. The third came off the bat of Evan Longoria, his 164th career home run, breaking Carlos Pena’s franchise record.

And oh boy, did he absolutely kill the baseball (if GFY is not working, there is a GIF below)…

Here’s the GIF.

Wil Myers also hit his first home run of the season, which also means it’s our first bat flip of the season. We missed you, Wil Myers Bat Flip.



  1. ken says:

    Can you really pull a pitcher from a game due to a "bruised ego"? The latitude umps give Giradi and the Yanks is amazing. I believe Giradi has pulled this stunt against the Rays before.

    • Josh P says:

      I don't think Nova's ego was bruised, so much as Girardi's was crushed. Let'em coddle them, if thats how the Yankees want to play this season then so be it. To all the rest of the baseball world "If you hear any noise it's just me and the boys boppin."

      Go Rays, keep the momentum going!!!

    • bbmern says:

      And the New York papers are writing that our players hit all of those home runs because Nova was injured. Pleeze!

    • mp645 says:

      Yes, I thought the same thing. The pitcher just didn't want to continue his horrible pitching, so fake an injury.

      Just like Ellsbury faked not swinging at his third strike but the Ump caught him.

      Cheaters cheaters

    • ken says:

      Very weird...Nova scheduled for an MRI tomorrow when the Yanks return to NYC, yet this AM they DL him with a partially torn UCL...very weird....

  2. ali says:

    Does your site coding accept webm files? You might want to consider it, smaller file size, better quality than gifs.

  3. OriginalTom says:

    Myers seem to do the bat flip when he flys out or pops up too.


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