Evan Longoria made another appearance on “Intentional Talk” where they covered a number of topics including NCAA Tournament brackets, t-shirts, and how he has “a thing for cheerleaders” (Jaime Edmondson was briefly a Miami Dolphins cheerleader).

But the best part may be the Jose Bautista videobomb at the 7:50 mark.

4-4-2014 9-54-36 AM

Here is the full video.



  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Love it!!

    Milar: Which teammate would you least like to sit next to on a cross country trip?

    ELo: Wil Myers just 'cuz I don't know if he's gonna be able to get on my level...

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    Bautista was probably trying to sell Evan some "vitamins"

  3. Joe Dunn says:

    Longo is NOT into the dumb locker room stuff and I am good with that


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