Matt Moore was hit in the face by a linedrive off the bat of Xander Bogaerts during today’s spring training game against the Red Sox.

Moore was able to scramble up and get the runner at first base. He was bleeding from the lip (you can see the full video below).

It was difficult to tell for certain, but Moore may have deflected the ball with his glove before it struck him in the face. Also, the ball did not appear to be hit very hard.

Moore needed a couple of stitches for a cut on his lip and did not have any concussion symptoms. He will have x-rays on Monday.

Here is the play in slow motion.

Here is another angle.

Matt Moore

Full video:


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  1. Greg says:

    Last photo shows a cut on his glove hand. Wonder if the ball got his hand somehow before hitting his face. Hope he's ok.


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