Cal Ripken Jr. threw out the first pitch prior to today’s spring game and Evan Longoria was behind the plate to catch it.

The Rays captured a great shot of the moment. It is also a great shot of Longo’s butt, if you are into that sort of thing.


Evan Longoria and Cal Ripken


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  1. Dave L says:

    I was a Junior Oriole back in the early 70's, by default actually after my Senators deserted RFK for Texas and broke my heart. I was never a real O's fan i just talked my dad into taking us to ball games cheap and sit in the bleachers. Jr oriole was a small multigame package where the kids got in for peanuts and the they made a small profit on the parents ticket

    Cal is slightly older than me and after moving to Florida I visited Maryland during his heyday when they won it all. I was happy for them but they were never my team.

    In the 2008 game 7 vs. the Sox my brother and I had those lower 2 seats in the outfield the bottom corner along the fence. Cal and I think Eckersley manned the booth right behind us on the usual party deck area. Cal was the star and he always was engaging the fans throughout the game.

    Hes a great ambassador for MLB.

    For me my lineage as a fan is Frank Howard my childhood hero as the only Senator that did anything to Rays bench coach and now the Rays matter.

    But Cal seems part of it for me in a weird way and Longo is the Rays only possible future Ray legend


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